Miele G1262SCVi Optima Fully-Integrated dishwasher

White, 9 Place Setting, Energy Star, 6 Wash Programs

White, 9 Place Setting, Energy Star, 6 Wash Programs

Getting a dishwasher is a tricky business, especially for those who are very particular with the cleanliness of their dining implements. Most nitpickers argue that most dishwashers do not really get rid of the stubborn dirt. You still usually end up with dishes with still a bit of grease in them. Luckily, the G 1262 SCVi from the Optima dishwasher line of Miele is one hardworking machine. Loaded with a lot of features, this dishwasher makes sure that all the delicate glassware is cleaned thoroughly without having to cause a crack or two. Some dishwasher models can be very aggressive especially to delicate glassware. This amazing dishwasher has Perfect GlassCare technology, which ensures that the water used to wash glassware has just the correct amount of minerals. You can be assured that all your dining ware will look and feel clean and good as new.

Interior Features
  • The interior features of a dishwasher is ultimately decided by the design of the basket. After all, that's the only thing you will really see in a dishwasher's insides. For the G1262 SCVi, the basket has a unique cutlery tray especially for your cutting tools. The upper basket's height can be adjusted, and it has an allowance for 1 tilt-able cup overlay. The lower basket has flexible usage and has 1 tilt-able spike-insert in its front portion.
  • The temperature features include a heating pump, the CleanAir Drying System, and sensor drying programs. Noise leves are kept at a minimum, thanks to the Q 3 Acoustics. It also operates using auto sensors and is designed with a double waterproof system and 24-hour delayed start.
  • This unit is Energy Star-qualified and has a capacity of 9 international place settings. It can accommodate plates of up to 12 1/4" in size and offers up to 6 wash programs to choose from.

    Exterior Features

  • The dishwasher features a fully integrated design. The white color gives the dishwasher a very clean look. The rest of the model's design is no-fuss and streamlined.
  • The dishwasher's door can be opened through the handle located at the upper portion of the door. The manufacturer accepts custom door panel though for you to perfectly blend the dishwasher to the rest of the kitchen's design.
  • The controls are designed in such a way that they don't look bothersome. The Incognito controls make them very sleek. They can also be updated should there be new functions that will be added soon. The program selection buttons are very easy to use and are designed to blend with the rest of the machine.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22.44 inches
    Height: 31.69 inches
    Width: 17.64 inches
    Total capacity: 9 international place settings


    The hidden control panel makes for a sleek-looking machine without pesky buttons interrupting the machine's design. The 6 wash programs available make sure all dishes and other dining ware are thoroughly cleaned. The wash programs include China and Crystal, plus a powerful Turbo setting. The Vario temperature settings makes sure of correct temperatures to evenly clean the dishes without damaging them because the water is too cold or hot.The machine is equipped with a Automatic Load Recognition System, which makes sure that the load placed inside the machine will be cleaned thoroughly, so you will informed that you have overloaded the machine, which may compromise its performance. The machine also has the CleanAir drying system with SensorDry, which assures you that the air used to dry the washed plates and glasses do not have bacteria and virus that will just make them clean only in appearance.


    The average price for dishwashers is less than $1,000, so this unit is definitely among the pricier ones.


  • packed with great features
  • can accommodate a good number of items
  • thorough cleaning guaranteed
  • energy- and water-efficient


  • unit price on the high end

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