Miele G2141 Inspira Prefinished Fullsize Dishwasher

Fullsize Dishwasher, Stainless Steel/Black/White, 13-Place Setting, Energy Star , 6 Wash Programs

Fullsize Dishwasher, Stainless Steel/Black/White, 13-Place Setting, Energy Star , 6 Wash Programs

If you're looking for a complete dishwasher, the G 2141 SC may be the unit for you. This model by Miele offers some of the most advanced features and also a great-looking machine. You actually have a choice as this model, aside from the Clean Touch steel finish, also is available in white and black. The PC Update function was first introduced by Miele to the appliance industry. A Miele technician can alter this model's s programming parameters, and you can enjoy whatever new features Mile introduces.

Interior Features
  • The interior of the dishwasher has 4 LED lights, making opening the machine very elegant and well-lighted. There’s no need to squint just to see what’s way inside the washer. With the lights, you can surely see them.
  • The baskets are ingenious in both design and convenience. The upgraded standard upper basket is deep and height-adjustable with a removable spiked insert on right side, two single section cup racks, and coffee bar. Meanwhile, the standard lower basket has PlateGuard Plus, a spiked insert hinged and another one that is fixed, plus a removable bottle holder.
  • The dishwasher model comes with 6 wash programs and up to 5 wash temperatures to choose from to set the right settings. The capacity is up to 13-place setting and it can fit in large plates that measure up to 12 1/4".
  • The CleanAir drying system ensures fast and spotless drying results. The double waterproof system and child safety lock makes sure that the unit is durable and safe to use.

    Exterior Features

  • The controls of the G 2141 SC are very convenient with no messy buttons, no hard to understand controls, and a panel that’s elegantly designed and arranged. The Touchtronic controls allow you to operate the machine without having to learn so many methods. The straight designed control panel lets you choose all controls all in one area.
  • The machine is available in three prefinished colors: white, black, or Clean Touch Steel. The Clean Touch steel is a best seller for people who find controls that retain prints and smudges unforgivable.

    Dimension Specifications

    Width: 23 56 inches
    Height: 33.25 inches
    Depth: 22.44 inches
    Total capacity: 13-place setting


    The 6 wash programs are a great feature for those who are very particular of the way their dinner ware is cleaned. With express, lightly soiled, temperature sensitive, loaded items can be cleaned thoroughly without damage. With pots & pans, dried-on food particles disappear, and with the normal cycle, average soiled dishes with light fatty residues get squeaky clean. With 5 wash temperatures, say goodbye to worrying about your dinner ware getting damaged because the water used to wash them is too hot or too cold. The CleanAir drying system is an advanced drying system that provides the most effective yet most and hygienic drying . The MaxSpace stainless steel interior gives you the chance to clean all items that needed without having to do batch by batch of washing.


    The price of the machine can be argued as reasonable, but still quite high, especially when compared to other brands that may approximate the same features of this model.


  • 13-place setting capacity
  • accommodates plates up to 12 1/4"
  • intake/drain fault indicator
  • rinse aid refill indicator
  • double waterproof system


  • unit price quite steep
  • too many features

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    Aug 23, 2015
    you are aware dryer does not have heat element
    by: Anonymous

    All european dishawashers or most do not use a heat element like NA dishwashers. Dishes are dried by movement of hot air, it is normal to see a few spots of water here and there. We have had the G2141 for over 4 years, it has worked very well

    Jan 23, 2012
    Bring a T-towel
    by: F Howard

    This is absolutely the worst dishwasher we have ever owned. Period.

    Even 12-16 hours later the contents are not dry!!

    The rack for glassware has a tip-down rack above which needs to be pulled up out of the way each time you load a standard 10 oz. glass.

    The stainless steel lining dents if you drop a fork on it.

    Dishes are often still dirty when done.

    The top rack for cutlery is awkward to get hold of - a struggle to pull out.

    You can't find a place for cookies sheets or oven pans.

    You might as well do the dishes by hand.

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