Miele G2143SC Optima Diamante Plus Prefinished Dishwasher

Plus Prefinished Dishwasher, Stainless Steel, 16-Place Setting, Energy Star, 6 Wash Programs

Plus Prefinished Dishwasher, Stainless Steel, 16-Place Setting, Energy Star, 6 Wash Programs

The G 2143 SC is a model included in the latest generation of Miele residential dishwashers. With this model, one is assured of a durable machine that continues the legacy that Miele appliances are known for. This Energy Star-rated dishwasher hosts a bevy of great features, including 6 wash cycles, 14 place settings, and vented drying. With all these, you are assured of a machine that is also as quiet as it is hardworking, with its silent operation feature. With the price that can be considered a bit steep, the features prove to be very valuable, though.

Interior Features
  • The basket design is something that people certainly look for in dishwasher interiors. The upper basket, for example, for this model has GlideGuard quality design that prevents slips while making sure that the basket can be pulled out without any hassle. The basket is deep and height- adjustable, perfect for anyone’s use. There are two single section cup racks and a coffee bar as well.
  • The lower basket boasts of a removable and hinged spiked insert, a removable vase and bottle holder, and fixed spiked insert. Since this is a Miele dishwasher, there is a special and separate tray for cutlery.
  • The unit offers up to 6 wash programs for different types of dish load. With its 16-place setting capacity, it can accommodate more dishware, even large plates. It also comes with the CleanAir drying system, 24 hour delay start option, built-in water softener, double waterproof system, and child safety lock.

    Exterior Features

  • The controls are easy to operate and cleanly arranged. The Touchtronic controls for the G 2143 SC is an operational system with push-button activation that gives you outright selection to many useful wash programs and options. The PC Update function allows your machine to be easily updated with new features. The straight control panel is a perfect mix of design and convenience.
  • The machine has a prefinished Clean Touch Steel that is easy to wipe and does not retain any sticky feeling when touched.

    Dimension Specifications

    Width: 23 56 inches
    Height: 33.25 inches
    Depth: 22.44 inches
    Total capacity: 16-place setting


    The 6 wash programs assure you that items you place in the machine will be washed properly and delicately. The CleanAir drying system makes sure that the items dried do not just look clean, but are also free of bacteria and unseen dirt. The MaxSpace stainless steel interior makes sure that nothing inside the washer will chip, rust, or cause bacterial damage to the items. The 16-place setting capacity allows even the largest dishes, trays, and dinner ware to be cleaned by this model. It can even accommodate plates that measure up to 12 inches.


    The price tag of this dishwasher model is still above $1,000, which is still a few hundred dollars more expensive than the average dishwasher model. There are too many options and features that some may find confusing.


  • efficient
  • durable
  • intake/Drain fault indicator
  • rinse aid refill indicator
  • 24-hour delay start/countdown
  • built-in water softener
  • child safety lock
  • quiet operation


  • too expensive
  • too many highly sophisticated features

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