Miele G2183SCVi Diamante Plus Fully-Integrated Fullsize Dishwasher

 Stainless Steel, 16-Place Setting, Energy Star, 6 Wash Programs

Stainless Steel, 16-Place Setting, Energy Star, 6 Wash Programs

What’s great about the G 2183 SCVi dishwasher manufactured by Miele is that the washer mixes both function and design superbly. If items like crockery and pans are needed for a new preparation and therefore needs to be cleaned fast, there is an option to make the length of a wash program shorter by a few minutes. Cleaning and drying results are as superior as normal wash cycles. Other programs also reduce water consumption by as much as 85 percent. The G 2183 SCVi dishwasher also saves a lot on energy, as certified by its Energy Star rating.

Interior Features
  • The dishwasher's interior features amazingly designed baskets that spell convenience for the user. The standard upper basket has a quality design, deep and height-adjustable structure, two single section cup racks, and a coffee bar. Meanwhile the upgraded lower basket has a removable vase and bottle holder, a hinged spiked insert, and a fixed spiked insert.
  • This model also has the cutlery tray exclusive to Miele machines. You can now be assured that silverware can be cleaned safely and hygienically. You have the option of buying an extra tray so that you can use one while storing your silverware in the other. No need for measurements as the trays fit well into any kitchen drawer.
  • With 16-place setting capacity, the dishwasher also packs more features such as the 6 wash programs, CleanAir drying system, MaxSpace stainless steel interior, built-in water softener, and double waterproof system.

    Exterior Features

  • The Incognito controls in this model lend the entire dishwasher a classier, less technical look. You won’t get to see the concealed control panel from the outside so the washer doesn't look like one overly-technical gadget. The push button controls in the panel are easy to operate and can be activated in one push.
  • This model has optional door panels so that the design of the entire kitchen can be integrated into the dishwasher, letting it blend seamlessly. Other features include the intake/drain fault indicator, acoustic function monitor, and rinse aid refill indicator.

    Dimension Specifications

    Width: 23 9/16 inches
    Depth: 22 7/16 inches
    Height: 35 3/4 inches
    Total capacity: 16-place setting


    The PC Update Function gives you the option to update your machine with the latest Miele innovations. A Miele technician can plug in your machine's programming parameters, so you’re in with the latest advancements. With the 6 wash programs including China and Crystal, you are assured of correct cleaning, whatever item you want washed by the dishwasher. The Vario temperature settings uses sensors so that wash temperatures can be maintained without damaging the items being washed.


    The price of this dishwasher model is something price-conscious dishwasher shoppers will find a bit impractical when buying the appliance.


  • Incognito controls with concealed control panel
  • optional door panels
  • MaxSpace stainless steel interior
  • 16-place setting capacity
  • accommodates plates up to 12-1/4"
  • intake/drain fault indicator
  • rinse aid refill indicator


  • unit price relatively high
  • only has 6 wash programs

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