Miele G2430 Optima

by Disgruntled

I will NEVER buy another Miele dishwasher. Their product is unreliable and the service is even worse. Our dishwasher has broken 3 times in 3 1/2 years for the same thing (the water path control unit).

Each time it costs $189 for a Miele service technician to ring your door bell PLUS the cost of parts. The cost for this particular part is $194.70.

And to make things worse, you have to wait 10 - 14 days for an appointment with a service technician. He doesn't have the part in his service truck so you have to wait for the part to be ordered and be inconvenienced with waiting for another appointment date.

Miele has inaccurate systems for tracking Work Orders and have misplaced work Reports in their system. They basically called me a liar when I told them my diswasher was repaired for the same problem in the past. They only accepted my word when I faxed a copy of the Work Report to their office. The customer service rep then told me that "not all customers are like you. They do not keep records of their Work Reports".

The customer service staff is incompetent and rude and they do not understand the meaning of "customer service".

Choose another brand :)

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Mar 29, 2015
I Agree
by: Joe in CT

Miele G2430 is perhaps the worst appliance I have ever owned. It continues to break down at least once every year and Miele customer service representatives won't tell you exactly what the issue is even though they have heard the same complaints countless times. We have spend over $1150 in repairs in the last three years and had to replace the intake hose three times and now we are told we have a leak that may be a spray hose component or the water proof system pump assembly.
We can't even find a repair manual to id parts. We are never buying Miele again. What a terrible experience.

Feb 10, 2015
Same problems as above
by: Anonymous

I have had identical problems with Miele G2432. Constant problems with water system. Miele records also not accurate --- they claim there has never been this problem. My repair bill for current breakdown will be in excess of $600. I will NEVER buy another appliance by Miele. Worst dishwasher EVER!

Nov 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

Exactly the same problems for me.

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