Miele G2472SCVi Optima Fully-Integrated Dishwasher

Stainless Steel, 16-Place Setting, Energy Star, 6 Wash Programs

Stainless Steel, 16-Place Setting, Energy Star, 6 Wash Programs

With new basket handles, a lower basket that has been upgraded and an upper basket that has been given a major facelift, there is no doubt that the G 2472 SCVi manufactured by Miele is indeed an optimum in basket design. And that's just with the interior. With a host of so many features to make the model efficient in cleaning, in using energy and water and in operating quietly, there is no doubt that this model is one efficient dishwasher.

Interior Features
  • The interior of the G 2472 SCVi is a marvel when it comes to advancements in basket design. With the patented Miele cutlery, you get thoroughly cleaned cutlery without the danger of making them scratch other silverware and china. Unloading them is also easier since they are in a separate container. This container can also accommodate the most awkwardly-shaped of kitchen ware including ladles, whisk,s and other implements.
  • With the lower basket, the revised design allows for all shapes and sizes of plates and trays to be cleaned, with a maximum of 35 centimeters in diameter. Three rows can allow these huge plates. Chopping boards, large bowls and dishes, serving platters, and tall beer glasses can all be accommodated.
  • The fullsize dishwasher also comes with 6 wash programs (China & Crytal, Pots & Pans, Normal, Express, Rinse & Hold, and SaniWash), CleanAir drying system, ultra quiet acoustic rating, built-in water softener, as well as a countdown timer and delay start option. Add to this the machine's Energy Star rating, the machine is designed to be convenient and efficient.

    Exterior Features

  • The exterior of this dishwasher model is a sleek revelation. The door design can be customized, making you chose whatever design can make it blend seamlessly with your entire kitchen's look.
  • The Incognito design of the control panel is very functional, yet elegant-looking without sacrificing on ease of use. The single push buttons, which are concealed in the panel make for a convenient machine. The buttons are also very easy to clean and do not attract dirt or prints.
    Dimension Specifications

    Width: 23 9/16 inches
    Depth: 22 7/16 inches
    Height: 35 3/4 inches
    Total capacity: 16-place setting


    With the CleanAir drying system, room temperature air is gathered and distributed around the exterior cavity of this washer and allows the interior water particles to condense against the washer’s walls. No external air is let inside the dishwasher, which assures you of hygienic drying. The built-in water softener of the machine makes it easy for the machine to clean valuable items like china and crystal without damaging them. The double waterproof system prohibits water damage that may arise from too much water intake, as there is a that stops water from coming in the interior cavity in case of a fault With the ultra quiet acoustic rating, this model works hard to make your dishes clean without having to cause an necessary background noise.


    The price of this dishwasher model is above $1,500, a price a number of price-conscious dishwasher shoppers will surely find very steep even with its advanced features. The model only offers 6 wash programs, which at its price can be quite limited.


  • acoustic function monitor
  • upgraded standard upper basket
  • upgraded standard lower basket
  • 16-place setting capacity
  • ENERGY STAR-qualified
  • packed with special features


  • steep unit price
  • few wash programs

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    Apr 19, 2012
    the worst!
    by: Anonymous

    we spent a lot of money on this dishwasher. It has cost us a lot more in repairs. It is not quiet! It beeps constantly. It stops working and the intake valve button lights up, and it beeeeeeeeps!!!! I can't believe that I gave away a perfectly good Maytag for this beautiful piece of junk. I can not tell you how much I hate this dishwasher!

    Dec 03, 2011
    I hate this dishwasher
    by: Anonymous

    Ive had this very expensive dishwasher for three years, and have had to have someone out to repair it three times. But my real issue with it is that it just doesn't clean very well. Anything that I don't basically scrub before I put into the machine comes out with baked on crud. It's quiet, has a nicely designed interior, and the people at Miele's technical service are very nice (I've spent a lot of time talking to them), but the thing just doesn't do a good job at what it's supposed to do. Now that it's broken down again, I'm very tempted to just replace it.

    Apr 17, 2011
    Worst dishwasher we have had!
    by: Anonymous

    We have an Optima G2470. It is two years old and we are a two person family so it does not get lots of use. The dishes and cutlery often come out dirty and require hand washing. We load properly and I have cleaned and checked the filter.
    The upper spray arm detaches regularly and will not stay in place.
    The upper rack adjustment leaver will not hold the rack in the higher position and falls suddenly risking glass breakage.
    I cannot find anywhere a schematic of parts to order online.
    Seems they are set up to require a repairman at our cost!

    Even the cheapest dishwashers we have owned have performed better than this one!

    Dec 08, 2010
    what happened to US models !!!!! - now terrible!!!
    by: Anonymous

    Sadly, without a doubt the most repair-prone dishwasher I have ever owned (and I've owned quite a few having moved several times). We've only had the dishwasher two years and in that time it has leaked four times. First time, the F70 fault appeared. After turning off the machine and checking all the filters (which were clear), we restarted the machine and it seemed to run fine. However, the F70 fault appeared again towards the end of the run, but this time we began to notice the wooden floor by the dishwasher starting to become damp and curled up - the dishwasher had leaked. We called Miele and were given the name of a local repairman. The first one found many different excuses not to show up, so finally in exasperation we called Miele back. They sent a repairman based in another city, who arrived promptly, but he had to order a part. Took two weeks to get the part. When he installed this new part, he noticed that one of the hoses had a tiny pinhole in it, that was slowly leaking water. He commented that he did not normally see such flimsy hoses on Miele and promptly ordered one for us. So now, we had to wait 2 more weeks before we could use the dishwasher. Again, he arrived and installed the new hose, and then when test running it saw yet another leak - the second hose was the same flimsy type and it also had a leak. Third part ordered - two more weeks - now without a dishwasher for six weeks. The repairman finally installed the second hose, and we thought we were done.

    The repaired Miele had been running fine for about two weeks, but I just came into the kitchen while the dishwasher was running to see a large pool of water all over my kitchen floor - coming out from underneath the Miele again! At this point, I no longer care what the problem is, we will be buying a different model and replacing this one.

    This is really sad, since my husband and I were willing to pay more for an appliance that in Europe has an outstanding reputation. I don't know what they've done to the U.S. models, but they are terrible. We will not be buying a Miele of any kind in the future.

    Dec 08, 2010
    by: Vance

    The Miele G2472 SCSF is a great machine and the reliability and reputation stand apart from the competition. This particular unit incorporates the hidden controls that reside on the top of the door.

    After using the machine for some time there are a couple of areas that one should consider when purchasing this unit. The door does not lock, but rather latches when pushed in. Because the door is very heavy and not spring loaded it must be held securely when opening otherwise it will quickly fall to the horizontal position.

    Because the controls are on the top, you will not know how long is left in the wash cycle and given the long cycle time of 2-3 hours (normal cycle with tablet detergent) you may need to open the door to find out. This is not an issue for those who have a single load and wait for the beeping "finished" signal. Speaking of the end of cycle indicator, it is interesting to note that the unit does not automatically shut-off, but rather keeps beeping for several hours. You will have to open the door and press the off button. Of course, the beeping signal can be programmed to an off mode.

    This unit does not have a heated dry cycle and therefore uses less energy and cannot accidentally melt an item that could fall, but keep in mind that it will not fully dry pots and pans if that is what you are concerned about.

    There are many great features on this machine and most are fully touted in the advertisements so my focus here is on those areas that may be considered drawbacks. One last note: Get a good installer that is familiar with Miele. The water hardness is normally set by the installer after a test and there are a couple of items such as the kickboard noise adhesive strip and undercounter reflector that must be installed as part of the initial installation.

    If cleaning effectiveness, reliability and style are your primary concerns, this is the perfect machine for you.

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