Miele G2732SCi Excella II Integrated Dishwasher

White, 14-Place Setting, 11 Wash Programs, PC Update Function

White, 14-Place Setting, 11 Wash Programs, PC Update Function

The Miele G 2732 SCi is loaded with some of the most advanced features of any dishwasher today. This is one product that is proven to be used for years. As with ant Miele product, the G 2732 SCi is “vertically integrated,” which means that the company is directly involved with the production and quality control on almost all components utilized in every unit, from enameling, metal stamping to the electronic components and circuit boards. This speaks a lot about the product's superior quality.

Interior Features
  • Some of this dishwasher's magic are found in the interior. One of these features is the Vario Temperature Settings, a revolutionary system of temperature control. This system uses sensors for the maintenance of optimal wash temperatures so that brilliant results - the cleanest of plates, utensils, and glasses, will be ensured without etching.
  • Another feature is the AutoSensor that manipulates program variables to provide superb washing. This sensor measures the clearness of the water funneled into the washer and either increases or reduces the number of times the water has to be changed during the wash cycle.
  • Another interior feature, is of course, the baskets where you will put in the dining wares that need to be washed. Both the upper and lower baskets are upgraded and highly-flexible, so that all the items could have enough space and can be arranged properly. Also present is the split cutlery tray that allows for silverware to be cleaned thoroughly without scratching other items. Handling is further simplified with a spare tray, which easily fits into a kitchen drawer. This tray has two removable sections. You can wash longer items in the upper basket should you remove it.
  • The capacity is 14 international place settings and up to 11 wash programs. Equipped with salt-economy water softener, glass care system, SensorDry function, and a heating pump with spray arm, optimum efficiency is obviously part of its overall design.

    Exterior Features

  • The exterior of this dishwasher is sophistication. The door panel is by default white, with optional door panels for you to match the design of the washer to your entire kitchen.
  • The control panel looks very sleek and modern, with a Plus Display feature containing LED push button controls. The angled control panel is stylish and very futuristic-looking. The stainless steel finish features clean touch steel, eliminating the possibility of sticky buttons.

    Dimension Specifications

    Width: 23 9/16 inches
    Height: 35 3/4inches
    Depth: 22 7/16 inches
    Total capacity: 14-place setting


    The fully electronic controls make for easy and convenient operation of this machine. The PLUS display is clearly arranged with text graphics including a button for information. There are 11 wash programs in this machine to match any item you would like to wash or any intensity you feel the washer should display: Sensor Wash, Normal, Quick Wash, Sensor wash gentle, Light Wash, Energy save, Intensive, Pots & Pans, Pre Wash. There are also special programs added. The spray arm alternation and load size sensing makes using this machine economical and efficient in resource use. There is a special glass care system wherein a sensor softens and blends water for the washer to not damage special items made of glass. The extremely low operating noise level with only 41dB assures that this machine works without the unnecessary noise.


    Some users may be a bit overwhelmed by a lot of advanced features they feel they won’t be using at all in the long run. Compared to other dishwashers, this model is among the highest-priced.


  • advanced features
  • 14 place settings
  • separate cutlery tray
  • quiet operation
  • 11 wash programs
  • exterior can be custom designed
  • resource-efficient


  • unit price one of the highest among dishwashers
  • overly sophisticated features

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