Miele G2872SCVi LaPerla Fully-Integrated Dishwasher

16-Place Setting, Energy Star, 19 Wash Programs

16-Place Setting, Energy Star, 19 Wash Programs

What makes the G 2872 SCVi, like most Miele dishwashers, stand out is the ingenious design of the baskets that hold the items to be washed. Dishwashers before are very limiting in terms of how you put all items in the washer, especially large items like pots and pans. While it used to be that you would need to wash them in a separate batch from the other smaller and more delicate items, washing them all at once becomes possible with the G 2872 SCVi. That of course means savings in everything – time, effort, money, energy, and water.

Interior Features
  • This model contains a lower basket and an upper basket that redefines capacity and design. Large pots and pans and bulky items can now be accommodated without hassle in the entire lower basket. In the upper basket, the jumbo cup rack allows for coffee cups and tea mugs and cereal bowls to be cleaned easily without fear that they will get toppled. The cup rack is also adjustable in height and width so that crockery items can be placed, saving space in the process. The ergonomic basket handles makes loading and unloading items into the dishwasher that much easier.
  • This dishwasher model has up to 19 wash programs and can fit in more dishware with its 16-place setting capacity. It comes with the CleanAir drying system to ensure spotless and quick drying times.
  • The unit has a split cutlery tray, countdown timer and delay start feature, built-in water softener, and highly flexible basket configuration. It ensures quiet operation as certified by its ultra quiet acoustic rating and energy efficiency through its Energy Star qualification.

    Exterior Features

  • The door of itself is already a grand feature. The automatic door closure allows for it to be operated without any effort. Convenience and elegance is combined. Only slight pressure against the door is needed to activate the door closing feature, which is motorized. Both the door and the door handle for this model can also be customized, depending on your preference.
  • The control panel for this model contains a Navitronic design that is elegant as it is easy to use. This design also conceals the entire control panel.

    Dimension Specifications

    Width: 23 9/16 inches
    Depth: 22 7/16 inches
    Height: 33 1/4 to 35 3/4 inches
    Total capacity: 16-place setting


    The washer contains a split cutlery tray that allows silverware to really be cleaned without having to worry about them scratching the more delicate items you want to wash too. The tray has two removable sections so that you can wash longer items like wine glasses in the upper basket without being limited of space. This model is also RemoteVision capable, which connects your machine to Miele's monitoring center, allowing you peace of mind when you have to have the machine running while you are not physically present in the kitchen. The Q5 Acoustics makes the dishwasher operate as quietly as possible. No noises that disrupts everyday activities, but you’re still assured of definite and thorough cleaning.


    The price of this dishwasher model is above $2,000. This is possibly one of Miele’s most expensive models.


  • acoustic function monitor
  • 16-place setting capacity
  • ENERGY STAR-qualified
  • packed with special features
  • separate cutlery tray
  • 19 wash programs
  • resource-efficient
  • CleanAir drying system


  • unit price over the average
  • too many features that may end up being unused

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