Model no. MDB6759AW

by Katy Daly
(upstate NY)

This product worked fine for almost 3 years, but the first year the house was still under construction and it was barely used. It was quiet, did the job, but took a long time to finish.

PROBLEM!!!!! Touchpad wore out after those 3 short years of light use. Of course the warranty is only good for 1 year. Store that sold it to me (local Maytag appliance store) sent out a repairman to tell me the touchpad was worn out—charged me $86 to tell me what I already knew. At least the $86 "service fee" was not charged when he came back to install the new touchpad—$226. So now I have a working model again, but for how long. Repair guy said we don't see this happen very often.

"Do you clean the touchpad frequently, or use Windex or orange-based cleaners?" No, none of the above. Maybe it gets wiped off with a damp sponge every now and then. "Oh, well then maybe it was a manufacturer's defect?" Really? Just like that? Maybe that manufacturer should take some responsibility for making crappy products, eh?

So I contacted Maytag by e-mail. Here was their less than helpful response:

Thank you for visiting the Maytag web site. We appreciate hearing from you.

"I regret to hear that your dishwasher needed repair as I know how disappointing it is whenever any manufactured item requires servicing. Although our appliances are manufactured under strict quality guidelines, occasionally failures do occur. I cannot explain what factors may have contributed to the malfunctioning components in your unit.

We do understand and appreciate your feelings concerning the problem you encountered. Your comments have been documented in our files and are available for review should it become necessary for you to contact Whirlpool again at a future date.

You are a valued Maytag customer and we apologize for any inconvenience this concern may have caused."

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