Opinion on the Bosch and customer service

I'm writing this review to express my extreme dissatisfaction with Bosh dishwasher I bought and used for 8 years.

The reason I choose BOSH for my major household appliances was the quality I associated with the name.

Unfortunately I was mistaken, the BOSH dishwasher I used for 8 years broke, which is somewhat expected because all appliances have limits however what really brought me to write this letter is stupid design of the dishwasher that change "normal" failure into a household disaster.

The part that broke in my dishwasher was the inlet valve, and it broke in the open state as result the
dishwasher was flooded and continued to flood the house all day while we where away. When we came back we had a unpleasant surprise in form of a "pool" on the first floor and a "lake" in the basement.

The engineering design that allows for valve to brake in open position is simple unacceptable, the fact the
dishwasher didn't produce any warning when water continue to come in despite the "closed but open" state on the
valve is even worse.

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Dec 10, 2014
Motor broke after 7 years - $360 to fix
by: Anonymous

Bought this Bosch 24" dishwasher b/c it was promoted as quiet and top of the line in the market. Very quiet dishwasher, but you need to hand dry everything if you want to empty dishwasher just after cycle complete, unless you wait a substantial amount of time for the dishes to dry themselves.

Second, but major issue. Motor cracked after 7 years of light use (run dishwasher 5 out of 7 days of the week, 1 time a day). The original motor part is no longer available.

Cost to fix $360, and the manufacturer recommended replacement motor is not the quiet replacement motor the original part was. Thanks Bosch. I will never buy another product from your company again.

Dec 13, 2012
BOSCH - overated?
by: Tom

bought a bosch disherwasher (model SHX33AO series) 4 years ago. It washes dishes excellent and comes out dry. at first couple of years, the dishwasher was extremely quiet (which was the main reason why i bought it - you could carry a conversation and not notice the machine was on. after a few years though, the machine became quite noticebly louder (probably the insulation foam started dropping between the door panel). Finally the motor went. a serviceman came and quoted me for $390. it's probably cheaper to buy a new dishwasher with a 1 year warranty.

a good disherwasher, probably overated as parts for BOSCH are very expensive. not sure to get another one!

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