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This Bosch dishwasher, SHE3ARL5UC, is a large capacity built-in model, which can accommodate up to 12 place settings in a stainless steel tall-tub.

With 5 cycles, attractive design, “EcoSense Energy Star” water technology, and the prestigious Bosch name, this model has many features a savvy consumer would want.

Many consumers loved not only stainless steel tub, but the energy saving features, and cleaning capabilities. Well placed controls and a sleek design make it a pretty fancy addition to any kitchen set-up. Consumers agree that this product seems to be built well and is very sturdy, expected to go the long run.

However, there were quite a few common gripes. It seemed that most people unanimously agreed that the tub could not conveniently be loaded (some people had to bend the spokes to get items to fit in a logical manner), and the load capacity overall was much smaller than expected.

Due to both of those problems, users found that they had to run at least two loads (which sort of takes away from the Energy Star ratings, don’t you think?).

Another common problem seemed to be that the drying capabilities were sorely lacking. And a handful of people also reported that it did not clean dishes thoroughly if not pre-washed. With a price tag of close to $700 on most sites, this is not a cheap dishwasher.

What does this mean for you?

If quiet running cycles, a prestigious name, and an excellent Energy Star rating is all that is important to you, then this could be your ideal dishwasher.

If, on the other hand, you expect a $700 dishwasher to not require pre-washing, or hand-drying, or the bending of prongs in order to fit an average load of dishes for your family, this might not be your best choice.

Bosch SHE3ARL5UC Pros –

  • Super quiet design
  • Attractive stainless steel look
  • Stainless steel tub
  • Energy Star rated
  • Short cycle times  

According to an article by ConsumerReports in April 2014, this Bosch model has the shortest normal cycle time of its top dishwasher picks at 95 mins.  It also has a quick cycle that can wash a lightly soiled load in half an hour.

Bosch SHE3ARL5UC Cons –

  • Moderately expensive
  • Doesn't clean dishes thoroughly (without pre-washing)
  • Does not always get dishes dry
  • Cannot hold many large dishes or pots/pans
  • No running time display

Features, as promoted by Bosch:

  • Energy Efficient: EcoSense Energy Star (exceeds Energy Star requirements for water by 69%)
  • Leak Protection: Bosch exclusive 24/7 overflow protection
  • Delay Start: Timer with multiple options.
  • Quiet: 50 cBA sound rating - quietest in its class

Reviews Bosch Dishwasher SHE3ARL5UC Key Features:

  • Built-in dimensions: 22.55 inch(es) / 57.3 cm depth x 23.55 inch(es) / 59.84 cm width x 33.87 inch(es) / 86.04 cm height
  •  50 dBA- Quietest in its class
  • Holds 12 place settings
  •  Express Wash option
  •  Stainless steel tall tub 5
  •  wash cycles
  • Sanitize option
  •  Variable spray pressures

Bosch SHE3ARL5UC Price Point:

  • $550-700

On the site, you can find the Energy Guide and Owner’s Manual downloads for the SHE3ARL5UC.

There is a 12-second video and available on the site (search for Bosch SHE3ARL5UC).

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