Roper By Whirlpool

by William

I have a Roper made by Whirlpool the dishwasher works well enough. I guess the main reason I bought it was because of the name attached to it, which is Whirlpool of course. I have other appliances from Whirlpool and have been satisfied in the past. I had bought this particular unit at Sears if I remember correctly, from an assortment of different dishwashers about two to three years ago.

The experience wasn’t all that bad but in hast and being cheap I bought the first one that seemed to fit the need I had with not much research done. It has trouble with cleaning the top dishes unless you leave a large enough space in the middle open for the water to get thru from the bottom. In doing that it turns over cups and fills them water so your darned if you don’t darned if you do type of deal.

I would not really recommend this particular washer I would rather of had a different type of dishwasher to have less hassle with the space on the inside and trouble with getting all the dishes clean. I have since researched some of the other types of washers out there the ones that seem to have the least amount of trouble are the drawer dishwasher with two drawers that pull out kind of like the rack that the Roper has but more sophisticated.

The Roper was a really good price but I guess you really do get what you pay for. All in all it has worked for the time being but I will be replacing it in the very near future I just need something that works every time well almost and when my kids get old enough I want them to be able to use it with ease.

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