Roper RUD1000KB

I bought a new house two years ago in which the builder had already installed a Roper RUD1000KB. I believe the dishwasher was purchased from HHGregg and was installed by the builder. I use the dishwasher a couple times a week and I have not had any operational issues with it so it has proven to be reliable so far. However, there are several things I do not like.

First of all, the dishwasher is extremely loud. I can not run the thing when I am home or it drives me crazy. I assume there was no testing or time put into the design to dampen the sound. It drowns out my TV and makes it very difficult to talk to someone while in the kitchen. Now for the actual operation, it works pretty well washing the dishes and it removes pretty much anything left on the plates, bowls, or cups.

The bad part is that it is notorious for flipping cups or bowls over and filling them with water. It has also knocked plastic lids around and some have even fallen though and melted on the heater coil in the bottom. This also coincides with the fact that it is terrible at drying. When the whole cycle completes, the dishes come out as if there wasn’t even a drying cycle.

I usually have to pull out the items and set them out to dry before they can be put away. All in all, I would have never purchased this dishwasher if I had the choice; however, if you are on a tight budget, this thing will still get the job done.

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