Roper WU3000Y

by Scott Dahlem
(Austin, Texas)

Roper WU3000Y

Roper WU3000Y

I have lived with this dishwasher for three-months and it has been very useful. Unlike many washers the lower tray is flat with prongs to hold the dishes, the riser for the impeller rests completely below the tray. This is a valuable feature because it allows larger pans to be placed in the machine.

The washer is very easy to use, with only a rotary timer and heat switch. I use the Normal wash and energy saving dry setting with good results. I do not pre-rinse my dishes before inserting them in the washer and they routinely come out clean and dry after going through the wash.

Another thoughtful design feature is that the drain grate is molded flush with the bottom of the washer. This ease of access is useful in removing the larger food scraps removed during the wash. On brands with a drain recessed in the bottom or located below the impeller, it is more difficult to clean because the grate cannot be reached by hand.

The beige and black of the exterior paneling of the machine complements neutral kitchen colors and the black controls hide dirt and fingerprints well. Inside the tube is made of white plastic, the bright color aids in seeing inside the machine and finding small item. There is a main soap dispenser, pre-wash soap tray and rise-aid dispenser. Since the water is very hot and soft here, I do not use the pre-wash soap or rise aid.

The biggest fault with the machine is that it is very noisy. Since Roper is the economical brand manufactured my Whirlpool, I suspect that one of the ways that they economized with by using less insulation, and thinner motor mounts, so the noise is louder than in more expensive models.

I am happy with the Roper dishwasher and would but another if it were available because it seems that the ability to clean dishes is the most important feature of a washer and bells and whistles found in more expensive appliances are not used regularly anyway.

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