Sears Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash Dishwasher

We purchased this unit for approximately $700 only 16 months ago for our main home (after our basic model Insinkerator that we had for over 20 years wasn't cleaning as well as it had for the past two decades!). In short, what a disappointment to find that after only 16 months, it stopped working. No lights, no flashing signals...nothing.

We just had the repairman out and when he took the cabinet door apart found that the unit was never put together properly and noted that it was a manufacturing defect...BUT NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY since it was over a year since we had purchased the unit.

He noted the clips that hold the main board in place had NEVER been attached and a wire had shorted out. He noted that this was an assembly issue and not a usage issue. He also noticed there was at least one other issue that would require a new part (not sure what that is).

Interestingly, in one of our vacation homes, we have another Kenmore dishwasher that gets used only several times a year and that dishwasher ended up not working as well for apparently a different reason (which we were able to fix by getting a reset code from a self-help blog on the internet...NOT from the manufacturer's maintenance manual).

Over the years we have had many Sears/Kenmore appliances in our homes and had what we consider normal service issues with some while others have stood the test of time. With this latest issue, however, we are very wary of the dishwasher and subsequently the retailer's commitment to standing behind what we believe should truly be their issue.

Thus we cannot recommend this dishwasher and our next (and we hope it won't have to be soon) dishwasher will be of a different make/model.

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