by k mccabe
(B.C. Canada)

Recently purchased the Bosch dishwasher as I presumed it would be of very good quality. Nothing but trouble. The racks are poorly laid out and now have so many cups, glasses and bowls that are chipped.

There is also a residue left on many of the dishes, so have to either run them again or wash manually. Very annoying, I regret buying this dishwasher. I was told to clean the filter which I do quite often, but there is barely anything in it. Also most annoying is at the end of the cycle it beeps continually until you get up and shut it off--so forget turning it on and going to bed.

It also does not dry properly so I have to open door to dry completely. The only redeeming feature of this machine is it is very quiet which is why I also purchased as well as being fully integrated.

I wish I had bought a Kitchenaid again or a Kenmore, which I could have purchased and saved a lot of money as well as frustration.

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