Siemens SE64M350GB Dishwasher

Siemens SE64M350GB, Dishwasher is a 60 cm fully integrated stainless steel dishwasher that can be perfectly installed in the kitchen without any difficulties. It is electronically controlled. There are 4 types of programs that can be set according to our wish. It washes in a cycle of 4.

It is a built-in dishwasher that matches the kitchen perfectly as its width is 60 cm only. It dries the vessels within the specified time that is set in the program. It washes perfectly without any sound as it is built sound proof. It is also economical in saving the energy comparing to the other dishwashers.

It is graded “A” for its drying performance, washing performance, and energy efficiency rating. Its drying type is economy/air drying; therefore, it dries the vessels perfectly within fraction of seconds without any water. Its washer bars are so soft that it washes the vessels without any damage. It gives glittering shine to the vessels naturally.

We can adjust the racks according to our convenience and to the size of the vessels. It has stainless steel control panel with push buttons in the top to control. It also has anti-leak sensor, which does not allow the water to leak while it is working.

The machine is also tough and durable. Its color also attracts very much. Its price is also set to match all medium and large families in the world. The Siemens dishwasher is a unique machine product while comparing to other dishwashers in the world market.

- Better energy efficiency
- Stainless steel control panel with push button

- Blockage in the washer bars
- Sometimes it does not clean properly

5 out of 5

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