tappan millenia

by renee chambers
(coram, NY )

When searching for a dishwasher I was looking for one that would be economical but would also do its job you get what you pay for so I went to homedepot to look at some of their appliances and purchased there great value.

My dishwasher was purchased 8years ago and it is still in good condition. I liked my dishwasher because of its advertised quite mode which works out so well if you are in the kitchen you hear hardly anthing while its on, besides of its great low price it came with other features.

Besides to make it special it matched my other appliances in my kitchen such as my oven and microwave as they both are black so it came in handy as far as coordination with my kitchen decor.

I liked it because it was a great buy within my budget and it came in large size with large racks to hold the dishes while washing takes place.

I like it because of the water saving power which helps us to protect our resources and the environment this dishwasher gave me more time to spend with my famiy instead of being stuck over the sink after a meal.

My experience with it is great as there are several different dials that pertain to different functons to help with either a short wash pots and pans and heavily soild items a plate warmer and you can air dry to save on electricity or you can use the drying element dial on the panel for preprogramming, you can even set it to wash at certain times.

I would definately recommend it this has been the dishwasher that has lasted through test of time its very easy even my children can load it and use it with its larger size it makes it easier to stack the racks properly so as to keep a clean set of dishes when the cycle is over.

I would definately recommend it as it has what it needs plus more very user friendly and great to have around after a large dinner party.

I cant see my self comparing as I am not familiar with to many other types of applicances to compare it to, I do know whirlpool and kenmore normally last for a while but this machine has lasted since time of purchase and I will never replace this dishwasher till its broken and then I would be forced to but I would have no problem choosing another model just like it.

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