Thermador DWHD440MFP/02FD940700302

by Brenda
(New Jersey )

We just got this dishwasher and we were so excited to have a high end one.

First of all the constant odor inside makes you not want to even open it to put the dishes in.
It doesn't matter if there clean dishes or not the same smell is there. It's like a bad no really bad garbage odor.

Now Thermador did replace it with a new one the same model. It smells inside just as bad.
I had a plumber here he said the water in the drain bottom of dishwasher has to much water left in it after the cycle and that is what smells. So I took rags and soaked up the water figuring this would get rid of the odor and so I would do this after every wash cycle.

No luck didn't make a difference still as bad!
Also these high end dishwashers don't have heat drying only condensation for the environment which I am all for but silverware rusts from water on them and we have to dry each one off. Also glasses are still wet as well.

I would never get a high end one again. Loved my Kitchenaid and would switch back if I could. At a loss don't know what to do.

So bummed,

Anyone else have this problem with same appliance?

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Aug 12, 2015
Dishwasher doesn't dry well NEW
by: Anonymous

To the last person who commented.
To help get things somewhat dryer always push power boost
Gets glasses dryer.

Aug 11, 2015
Horrible dishwasher NEW
by: Anonymous

I completely agree with prior post. We have experienced the same issues; disgusting odor---even after cleaning, not drying even when "extra dry" option is selected, glassware is never clean, utensils always soaked and spotted. We rinse to almost clean before we load. This makes me yearn for my old kenmore. Will replace as soon as possible. CAUTION: DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT!

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