by michael clarke
(hillsdale nj)

This is the single best dishwasher that I have ever owned.

The Thermador is a completely digitized, self running, beautiful stainless steel mechanism that can make even the least mechanically inclined people feel like they know what they are doing.

First off the spacial regions of the dishwasher can hold more than any other I have ever owned.

Secondly, being a victim of over filling the dishwasher with dishes from time to time resulting in dishes not fully cleaned due to surface area exposure, the Thermador has yet allowed me to fault here (but oh I have tried)

Thirdly, as previously stated, it is digitized with a small screen on the inner top part that will actually tell you what stage the dishwasing is in, whether or not all the dishes are clean, and when it needs to have more dishwasing liquid added.

When the cleaning process is done a red light beams out of the bottom of the Thermador onto the floor to let you know that the cleaning cycle is complete.

If this is not the best dishwasher around, i would love to see how another one could top it!! I do not believe I will ever own another dishwaser ever again.

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