Benefits of a Two Drawer Dishwasher

Sleek and sophisticated in design, the two drawer dishwasher is more than just a pretty face; it’s one of the most practical kitchen appliances you will ever purchase.

Why are two drawers better than one?

Double drawers makes loading a breeze, cuts down on energy consumption, gives you ultimate control over how you wash your dishes, and saves space.

Doing Dishes: Say Goodbye to Back-Breaking Work

Placing items on the bottom of a traditional, pull-out dish rack can make you weary, especially if you have back problems or are a little on the tall side.

With a two drawer dishwasher, the top drawer is just under the counter, which means there’s very little bending involved during loading. The top drawer is always in arm’s reach.

Energy Efficiency and Traditional Dishwashers

Let’s face it; most dishwashers waste energy if you don’t have a large family. Doing partial loads uses the same amount of water and electricity in models with a single washing area. Sure, you could cut costs by skipping a day or two between washes, but that pan you need will always be dirty. And you will end up hand washing more dishes than you like.

With a two drawer dishwasher, you can run small loads.

Just use one of the drawers for washing small loads and both drawers for washing large loads. Using the dishwasher in this manner makes it possible for you to cut energy costs and still keep your dishes sparkling clean.

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Ultimate Dishwashing Control

Washing greasy pots and pans often requires a more intense setting and higher heat than washing delicate glassware. If you don’t want to have to lower the heat for your delicates or risk breaking them, you can run two separate loads at different heat and wash settings when you have a double drawer dishwasher.

You can also use different detergents if the mood strikes you. Do you run a kosher kitchen? If so, two drawers are a necessity.

Additionally, the drawer design of a double dishwasher saves space and allows you to incorporate a dishwasher into your kitchen design in a manner not possible with traditional dishwashers since the clearance needed to fully open a drawer-style dishwasher is significantly less than that of a traditional washer with a pull down door.

Overall a two-drawer design lends a great deal of flexibility to your kitchen design and makes it possible for you to manage your kitchen more efficiently. 

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