VIM drop dish wash liquid

by pvrk123

This is regarding VIM drop dish wash liquid. We are using this liquid wash from last two years. The vim liquid wash is available in different flavours and colours.some of the popular flavours is green and yellow. Initially we used green color liquid wash. Now days we are using yellow color liquid wash which is in lemon flavor.

We are satisfied with the functioning of liquid wash. Mainly it clears the oil content and as well as dirty matter very quickly. Not only that it gives nice smell of respective clears the dirt patches very clearly as well as after wash the dishes gets shiny look.

One difficulty regarding the usage of this liquid wash is once we apply the wash to the utensils it takes more water for the cleaning. That means the water consumption is more but the attractive thing is even one drop is enough for cleaning around 10 utensils. Overall it was good and useful interms of price as well as satisfaction.

The price of the VIM drop dish wash is around 25 rupees in Indian currency and its worth for the price. Instead of wash bar and soap I feel it’s better to use liquid wash as one drop is sufficient for cleaning the most of utensils, in addition to nice flavor as well as shining.

This liquid wash we normally purchase in bulk like 2 to 3 bottles per month and it will come to nearly more than 3 months for vast utilization,infact overall the use is quite good and satisfactory.

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Sep 24, 2015
Due to the direct contact with dishes NEW
by: Alex

Due to the direct contact with dishes from which we eat, the choice of a diswasher liquid should be taken seriously. I think I would order a couple of custom resarch papers to learn more on this topic.

May 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

vim drop comes in an open packing!
this might lead to its misuse before its reaching to the customers
kindly requesting to seal the pouch as well as the bottle vim drop so as to aviod this problem!
thanking you.

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