Frigidaire FDB1100RHC Dishwasher

This dishwasher is great. It has a stylish sleek look to it. It is an extremely silent washer. We can even watch the TV while we run the dishwasher. The part I love the most is that it has 4 different cycles to choose from. For the highly soiled or greasy dishes I love to run the pots & pans cycle. The dishes come out clean. It has a delay start which helps me when I have to go out. It is energy star which is the biggest criteria for selecting this machine.

The biggest drawback is that I have noticed only liquid dishwasher detergent works best. The gel pacs or tablets or even powder most times get stuck in the detergent compartment & hence the dishes don't come out as clean. Most times when you don't lock the dishwasher & if someone leans on it it starts instantly. I have experienced this all so often. It wastes water, & electricity.

- stylish design
- runs very quietly
- choice of 4 cycles
- energy efficient

- not good with gel or powder detergent
- easy to start accidentally

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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I purchased this model dishwasher based on my own research from both dependent and independent sites and magazines. I was looking for the best rated dishwasher at the best price. Upon receiving my dishwasher, I had a professional plumber install it.

One of my complaints about my previous dishwasher was the noise level while the machine was running. One of the first things I noticed was the foam insulation that came with the dishwasher in order to reduce the noise level.

As soon as the dishwasher was hooked up, we turned it on to see what the noise level was going to be and if I needed to add more insulation for noise control, however the foam insulation provided was more than adequate to quell the noise. The first time I loaded the dishwasher, I found if you followed the loading instructions in the manual provided that there was more than adequate space and sufficient support for all your daily dishes, while still maintaining the water flow around them.

One of the cons I have found about this specific dishwasher is the detergent holder is that when you load the holder with powder, if there is any spillage at all onto the top part of the holder that it doesn't close properly. It has to hold just the right amount, or less than the instructions provided in order for it close completely.

If you put just a little too much in, you then have to scoop of some of the detergent out. Something minor, but annoying. The other con I have noticed is that the top sprayer is too low. It doesn't allow the top rack to hold a standard wine glass.

If you do put a wine glass in, or anything else of similar height, you have to put the object at an angle so the top sprayer has free flow to rotate. When this occurs, the glasses are not being cleaned properly.

- Quiet
- Good rack system

- Detergent holder doesn't close properly
- Spray arms at the top is too low

3 out of 5

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