Frigidaire FGHD2433K 24 inch Built-In Dishwasher

A fully integrated, 24" dishwasher, the Frigidaire Gallery Series FGHD2433KF is an appliance with the quality and performance you'd expect from Frigidaire. With seven wash cycles, this dishwasher promises to meet even the most demanding cleaning needs.

This sleek model with clean lines comes in three color options: a futuristic looking stainless steel finish, a modern black color, or a classic white. Coupled with a Granite Gray interior, you get a dishwasher that's good looking inside and out. The Stay-Put door prevents accidents, spills, and leakage. Durable parts such as the stainless steel filter and food disposer keep debris from building up and clogging your dishwasher.

Key features:

- Like other dishwashers in the Frigidaire Gallery Series, this dishwasher's interior has the SpaceWise Organization System, allowing it to hold many kinds of dishes. Its large silverware basket can hold more than 180 items. An adjustable upper rack makes room for tall dishes and glasses, as well as having space for 2 cup shelves and stemware holders. There are also utensil trays for all your kitchen implements. The lower rack features 2 full rows fold down tines.
- For maximum efficiency, this model has Frigidaire's DishSense (TM) technology. The amount and load of your dishwasher helps it determine which is the best cycle to use for cleaning.
- There are seven wash cycles to choose from, including China Crystal, Top Rack Only, Quick Clean, and Energy Saver Plus. This allows you to wash dishes using the least amount of time and energy possible. Five wash levels give you additional options.
- You can control the water pressure thanks to AquaSense (TM) technology, which lets you change the washing pressure to suit your needs.
- This model also allows you to choose your drying mode with options for Heat/No Heat Dry.
- The genuine stainless steel body is very hardy. It's also easy to keep clean thanks to a special coating that protects against smudging and fingerprints.
- The Express-Select (TM) controls coupled with an easy to read digital display make this dishwasher very user friendly and simple to operate.
- Since this model bears the Energy Star seal and is NSF certified, you can be sure that you're getting an energy efficient appliance that meets the current industry standards. You help the environment by reducing your energy consumption, and you help yourself by lowering your electricity bills.


From the very beginning, this dishwasher is extremely user friendly. Installation is quick, easy, and hassle free. The control panel is conveniently and simply designed.

Many customers were delighted with its very quiet operation. Buyer reviews highlighted how they can hardly tell when the dishwasher is on because it runs so quietly. Another often praised feature is its large capacity and adjustable rack, allowing users to fit in assorted items including large pots and pans. In addition to accomodating many items, it has an outstanding cleaning performance.

Purchasers also found this dishwasher to be aesthetically appealing. Aside from good looks, it also delivers on its promise regarding energy efficiency.


Even with the Quick Clean feature, some customers still complained of long wash cycles. There were also reviews stating that some customers found loading the dishwasher awkward.

User likes and dislikes


- Simple to use
- Large capacity
- Great cleaning performance
- Very quiet
- Energy efficient
- Attractive


- Awkward to load
- Long wash cycles

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Frigidaire Gallery Model FGHD2433KF1

by Diana & Scott
(Oklahoma City, OK)

Great looking dishwasher with good reviews and reasonably priced; however, if you're going to install it yourself, like we did, it would be nice if the manufacturer would tell you that there are connectors that you will need that are not included.

You will need a male-male 3/8th compression to 3/8th MPT elbow. You must have one of these in order to install. It would have been nice to know that, instead of two trips to ACE hardware!

Also, because of the way the inlet valve is attached, it is best to completely remove the valve to attach the elbow. If you don't, you'll run the risk of stripping the screws out of the plastic valve body as you tighten the fitting.

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Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2433K

We are on our 3rd month, we purchased this model for two reasons. One the price was in our budget. Two, the inside design, racks and silver ware basket was front loading,this appealed to us.

I did web research and the majority of the reviews are not good. Several stated the washer becomes very loud and had the motors replaced. Well sure enough we noticed how loud it was getting. So I called for service, wishing now I believed all the reviews.

The service man started the washer and guess what? it was quite as could be.??? after running many cycles it would not make loud noises. I said well the only difference is we did not add soap. So we started discussing soap and he asked how much do we put in, I said I fill the soap thing up, which is what we did on our old washer.

I was told the newer washers do not need near the same amount of soap. He recommended just a teaspoon and his experience is soap will effect the performance of the washer. I am not sure if I was given a line or what, but so far he is correct.

So now I am wondering if all the bad reviews on this washer are just like my experience, and there are service places just replacing motors to make money?

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