by Usman Zaib
(Islamabad, Capital Territory, Pakistan)

I bought this high quality KENMORE luxurious dishwasher from a local market in my area. It happened when I was really fed up of my existing one which caused me a lot of hassle. After a thorough search in market I bought this one for almost $600 that makes rupees 30000 thousand in my local currency.

KENMORE dishwasher is unique in its design but like other expensive dishwashers doesn't have a lot of extra features. This did not bother me as it can fulfill my requirements of dish washing. Washing has always been very convenient and time saving for me using KENMORE 13742

The dishwasher has a delay start option and also a quick wash cycle. The noise during the working is very low as it has extra sound insulation built in it. I can easily manage to handle its functions along with doing other thing at the same time.

Since i have bought KENMORE 13742 i am very happy with the results it has shown me and for me it is the most reliable dish washers i have ever had. I would definitely recommend it to those who are looking for something that looks good as well as serves good.

I have heard and seen some comments, negative ones, about its durability but it has been quite a while that I am using it and don't have any issue regarding its durability or functioning. Infect I find it one of the most efficient and reliable one among its competitors or at least among the ones i had used in the past.

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Kenmore 13742

by Jemmer Pablo
(Santa Clara, CA, USA)

We’d had Kenmore 13742 Built-In Dishwasher in 2 years now and it has worked perfectly. Its 24 inch tall and white color. It perfectly fits the motif of our kitchen which is all white, representing cleanliness.

This ENERGY STAR qualified appliance and TurboZone with Rotating Spray Jets cleans dirty, baked-on dishes. Just shoved all those dirty and hard to clean plates and even bottles and voila! Your day is done.

The exclusive technology virtually eliminates the need to soak and scrub hard-to-clean dishes. It has also Ultra Wash and SmartWash for exceptional cleaning results.

The Giant Tub capacity unlike our previous one creates more wash space and a True Hold door provides easier loading and unloading. The Delay Wash cycle starts the wash at convenient intervals and the nylon racks protect against rusting.

It also has NSF Certified Sani Rinse option eliminates 99.99% of bacteria something our old one did not have.

The QuietGuard Deluxe sound insulation system maintains peace and quiet in the kitchen makes me forget to check if its already finish working!.

This is better than the last one we had as it was so noisy and sometimes, there remains some hard to remove dirts that were stucked in deep edges of bottle caps.

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