by C. Brashear
(Cecilia KY)

My Bosch was considered "top of the line" and I must say it was until I received notice of a recall that has taken 1 1/2 years to ever get a technician here to perform the work. Since that time my wife has had to wash dishes by hand, due to the product no longer works !

My best experience is with the "customer service reps" who only know how to say how sorry they are for me. The only thing I am sorry abouct is that I bought a Bosch product in the first place.

For reference please note the following:

A. No one wants to work on a Bosch

B. When they do work on a Bosch it will probably never work again.

C. Don't waste your time trying to get the problem resolved with a customer service rep, because they only know how to say "sorry"

D. Before purchasing a Bosch product think again and buy a different brand.

In case you are wondering I had a service technician just leave my home, he was here to replace a part, when he arrived he asked me where the new part was? I told him he was the tech he was supposed to bring it and install it.
Guess what the customer service rep said, I'm sorry!

Now won't that make you feel better?

The customer service rep is correct the product is SORRY!

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Bosch SHU43C02UC/22

by Eric
(Chaska, MN, USA)

We own a Bosch SHU43C02UC/22 Dishwasher. We purchased it from Lowes about two years ago. It is one of the few appliances that I can honestly say that I truly LOVE. From the get-go, I had decided that we wanted to replace our old, noisy, ugly dishwasher (that came with the original house) with a much better machine. So I did my research and found that Bosch machines are the quietest and are one of the few that actually clean your dishes to the point that they are certified “Sanitized” by the NSF, an endorsement that means a lot to me.
This machine is super quiet. Sometimes I run it when company is in the house just to show it off. You can stand in front of the machine and carry on a conversation, only hearing a bit of water noise. It is very difficult to hear anything else that the machine is doing. In fact, I think they have to put lights on it so that you know it is running!

The inside of the machine is stainless steel which serves two purposes – this makes it quieter than plastic and is part of the design of the drying process for Bosch machines. There is no drying element. The tub itself along with the dishes inside are brought up to a very high temperature (but not so high that plastic melts), and everything evaporates.

While this process works wonderfully for metal, glass and china objects, it does not always work well for plastics and we often must dry the plastics by hand. If there is one criticism, that would be it, but this dishwasher’s positives far outweigh the inconvenience of drying a few plastic cups.

I would highly recommend this dishwasher – you pay a bit more, but in the end, you will love the product you get. A sister brand that is similar is Asko, but I have known several people who have had numerous service issues with Asko. Stick with Bosch. You will not be disappointed!

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