Wonderful machine, I pack it and sometimes overload it and it still get's everything spotless. remarkably quiet.

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Bosch SHX68M09UC

I purchased the Bosch SHX68M09UC dishwasher from a local appliance store after several unhappy experiences with various Kitchen Aid models. With one exception I am thrilled with my purchase.

I have had the Bosch for about two years now and its cleaning performance has been fantastic. I only remove large solids from my plates and let the dishwasher do the rest. Without fail dishes come out spotless, even if they have been sitting in the dishwasher and the food has dried on the surface. Glasses come out clean with no spots.

My initial hesitation in purchasing the Bosch was due to the fact that it has no grinder and there was a filter to clean. I thought this would be a major chore but was pleasantly surprised that it only takes about two minutes every two or three months. A major benefit of having no grinder is that the dishwasher is almost totally silent. Except for the initial fill and drain cycles where you hear a very low level sound of running water you need to put your ear right next to the dishwasher to even hear that it is running. This is great since my kitchen opens up into the family room.

The interior with its deep tub is very flexible and it is easy to raise or lower racks to fit even the largest pots and pans. All the rack space is usable fitting in more dishes than any other dishwasher I have ever used. The stainless steel interior is of good quality and it is truly stainless unlike the Kitchen Aid models I have had.

There are an abundance of cycles, but I only use the standard wash or rarely the quick wash or light loads. The controls are nicely hidden on the top of the door so you only see the expanse of the stainless steel front panel and a small indicator screen. One nice feature is that the dishwasher beeps at the end of the cycle to tell you your dishes are clean... you need this because you can't tell that the dishwasher stopped since it is so quite.

What is the one problem with this dishwasher? Sometimes the door latch sticks and you must manually unlatch it to allow the door to close properly. But compared to the leaks I have experienced in almost new dishwashers from other makes this is a small problem.

I love my Bosch and would highly recommend it.

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