whirlpool 2 drawer dishwasher

by James

If you are thinking of buying a Whirlpool 2 drawer dish washer I strongly advise you not to, they look great but you will suffer from constant component break-downs.

The one I purchased lasted less than two years, first the top drawer stopped working so we continued to use the bottom drawer, this failed after a few weeks.

When I bought this dishwasher I was offered a very expensive insurance plan for extra years over the one year warranty, I wish I had taken this out but thought that Whirlpool was a quality make, how wrong I was.

Since my problems I have found out from various white goods service people that Whirlpool appliances in general are unreliable, so do yourself a favour and buy Bosch, Siemens, AEG, or any other make.

Hope this review saves you time and money

A very angry Whirlpool buyer

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