Whirlpool 24" Built-In Dishwasher

There are many features of the Whirlpool Built-in dishwasher that provide many benefits.

There are also many consumers who have reviewed this product. If you are looking for a new dishwasher then you might consider what some of the consumers have to say.

Whirlpool DU1100BT Dishwasher Key Features

Many of the direct benefits of the Whirlpool Built-in dishwasher include the Energy Star qualification, super capacity tub, five levels of wash, SheerClean Wash System, temperature and pressure systems, and more.

Consumers are amazed at the many different features included in this model.


The Whirlpool dishwasher is Energy Star qualified. This means that it is an approved appliance through the Energy commission for saving you money and energy.

Water consumption with this dishwasher is reduced to up to 32% because it is designed to use much less than other dishwashers. You will be amazed when you notice a small drop in your water bill.


Another one of the favored features of the Whirlpool dishwasher is the super size capacity tub. You can now make the most of your space because the tub is tall providing you 22 inches of space.

This dishwasher has one of the industry’s largest capacity. There are three extra inches of space for you to load dishes in. In addition, there is a horizontal motor for the tall tub, which takes up much less space.

It is much easier to install dishes in than most standard dishwashers. The tall tub features allow you to fill the dishwasher with a 14 five piece place setting.


The Whirlpool dishwasher also uses the SheerClean wash system which takes the guessing out of clean dishes. You can be assured your dishes are cleaned with high performance every time you run a load.

There is a built in sensor and a temperature control. This temperature control adjusts the temperature of the water automatically to 145 degrees which ensures all of the soils on the dishes are disposed of. The sensor can feel when the dishes are clean.

With these two amazing features you no longer need to pre-rinse, pre-wash, or wonder which cycle you need to use for each load of dishes.


This dishwasher also has a hard food disposer with a self-cleaning filter.

This means that you don’t need to worry about big chunks of food clogging up the dishwasher and you won’t need to have to do the dirty job of cleaning it out yourself.

The filter also cleans itself so you don’t have to worry about it. This is a very convenient feature for everyone.

You can also take advantage of four convenient automatic cycles to run your dishes through. These cycles include pots & pans, normal, light, and a rinse only cycle.

These cycles are designed to run based on different soil levels of your dishes. The light means there isn’t much food and grime on the dishes.

A normal cycle means you want it to run normally. The pots & pans cycle is going to run the hardest and the hottest to ensure your pots and pans come out the cleanest.

Whirlpool DU1100BT Customer Opinions

There are many customer reviews about this particular dishwasher. Consumers have reviewed the pros and cons of the Whirlpool dishwasher.

The pros of the dishwasher include that it is easy for people to load the dishes. The dishwasher runs very quietly. Many people love how quiet the dishwasher is because it is not like the noisy contemporary models.

Customers also commented on how large the dishwasher is and how many dishes they are able to load inside.

Some of the negative comments provided by consumers about this dishwasher include that it doesn’t wash the dishes very well. You cannot adjust the height of the rack, however you don’t need to.

Another reviewer mentioned that the silverware rack is slightly small and long wide items are unable to fit inside it. Large serving spoons, spatulas, and long knives must be laid on the top rack.

Reviewers have also mentioned that the loads seem to run too long. One consumer mentioned that the touch pad of the front of the dishwasher came loose and causes problems.

Some reviewers mentioned that the bottom kick panel of the dishwasher is not attractive at all because the screws are visible and it is only a painted panel.

The Whirlpool built in dishwasher has many features that might make you consider purchasing this make and model.

Many consumers love the quiet and large capacity of dishes that can be loaded into the machine. However, some reviewers say that the dishwasher doesn’t wash the dishes well enough.

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