Whirlpool GU3600XTS
Dishwasher Review

In reviews, many people have reviewed the GE PDW8200NWW dishwasher say that it is very quiet, it cleans your dishes extremely well, and the sanitizing option is second to none.

They love the access to the machine has a large tub that will fit up to 16 place settings.

The Whirlpool GU3600XTS built-in dishwasher Key Features

The Whirlpool GU3600XTS built- in dishwasher is a very impressive machine, which is sleek and stylish and offered to you at a low price.

It comes in three colors that will match with any décor; it comes in black, white and stainless steel. The stainless steel model has some special features that really stand out for the buyer.

The stainless steel dishwasher has the most used controls on the outside and the lesser used adjustments and options are hidden, showing only a couple of buttons and lights where others can see them.

Another great design is the handle that is contoured for your comfort.

The Whirlpool GU3600XTS built-in dishwasher

The exterior as nice as it is isn’t the only great thing about the Whirlpool GU3600XTS.

Another great benefit is that it is both stain and corrosion resistant on the interior which makes cleanup just that much easier.

It is a recommendation that you use the Whirlpool Power Scour in order to be sure that the overall cleaning power will be boosted to an all new level of clean for your dishes.

PowerScour has 35 water jets that will clean normal, pots and pans and all without the fear of using more water. It is further recommended not to use the PowerScour on your fine china, and crystal.


Due to the sensor technology dishwasher are becoming better kitchen equipment, it measure the water temperature, it cleans all types of soil that may be on your soil, it even makes adjustments so that it will clean your load.

Whirlpool saves you time and give you all the tools so that you have no problems choosing the right settings and the right options.


Most of the people who buy these dishwashers are looking for certain conveniences, one of the things that they are interested in is the adjustable rack, they find that it is a great item that can be used and moved up and down during a load, if you are cleaning stemware you can adjust the rack down and if you are washing pots and baking equipment you can adjust the rack up and fit all the large items in the bottom of the machine.

Another convenience for customers is the quietness of the machine, this machine uses a sound output of about 57 decibels, using the GU3600XTS gives you the quiet that is found on the more expensive dishwashers while giving you the lower price.


Yet another benefit that customers are particularly fond of on the GU3600XTS is the additional cycles that are available on this model.

There is the sani-rinse cycle that cleans dishes using a high temperature, allowing them to be freed of bacteria, giving the dishes a more sanitary clean.

Another benefit of the cycles are the quick cycle that allows the smaller lightly soiled loads clean in 30 minutes or less.

If you are just washing glassware or appetizer dishes this is a great cycle that will save you time and water usage.

Whirlpool built in dishwasher Customer Opinions

The customers who bought the GU3600XTS have also marveled at how Whirlpool could offer so many features on a product for the price, with the design, the stainless steel, the patented sensor technology, the quietness and the delay timer, this machine gives you everything the more expensive machines offers and more.

The Pros

The most important thing about this machine is all the features it offers such as quiet while in operation, the dynamic sensor technology, the fantastic Powerscrub and the stainless steel interior are just some of the reasons people buy this machine.

They are happy with the adjustable racks, the time saving controls and the ease of use with the machine. Another great thing that people are happy about is the convenient one year warranty that comes with the machine.

The last and probably the most impressive benefit is the price. You can find the GU3600XTS in the range of $637 to $750 and you can find it at these low prices in many appliance stores all over the country. It is great to have this high quality for such a low price.

The Cons

While the majority of people interviewed loved the machine there were a few problems that they felt pretty strongly about.

The smaller problems were that the stainless steel panels are not easy to clean, and that the dishwasher does not dry as well as they would expect with a dishwasher.

The biggest problems involved replacement parts are very hard to get from the company, and that the design allows water to leak into the motor bearing which allows corrosion.

This caused the premature breakdown of your dishwasher and eventually it will cause your motor to seize.

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