Whirlpool Dishwasher Review - WDF310PAAW

This Whirlpool dishwasher review of the WDF310PAA provides an overview and summary of feedback for this 24" tall tub made by Whirlpool.

It is a low-end model retailing around the 300$ mark.

It's a pretty standard dishwasher, available in white, stainless steel, black, biscuit, and silver.

It has a nice minimalist look that should fit any decor.

Whirlpool WDF310PAAW – Key Features

    o       Full Console Dishwasher with 12-Place Settings

    o       3 Wash Cycles

    o       High Temperature Wash System

    o       1 Hour Wash Cycle

    o       Auto Soil Sensor

    o       4-Hour Delay Wash Option

    o       Insulation package to reduce noise

Price Category - Under $350

Whirlpool Dishwasher Review: WDF310PAAW

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Advantages and Disadvantages:

In putting this Whirlpool dishwasher review together, I’ve read heaps of feedback for this model online.  The main pros and cons of the Whirlpool WDF310PAAW are summarised below.

Many customers reported good general performance from their dishwasher.  A high temperature system is great for when you need to make sure your dishes are clean.

Although no reviews mentioned the auto soil sensor, Whirlpool claims it monitors how dirty the water is, ensuring it uses the right method for your dishes.  

Unlike some cheap dishwashers, this model doesn’t get complaints about noise.  That’s good for those of you who love the peace and quiet, and is probably because this model offers the Level 1 Quiet Partner Sound Package. It's basically just extra insulation to lower the noise. And if that still isn't quiet enough for you, use the delay option while you're out.


o        Affordable

o        Tall tub gives extra room for large items

o        Energy efficient

o        Quiet


    o        Defective units

    o        Dishes aren't always clean

    o        Silverware rack isn't optimal

Even though this is a lower end model, you would expect quality from a big brand. However, it seems they didn't meet everyone's expectations this time.

The fact that it's energy efficient, and quiet is nice, but there seems to be some core design problems.

Although the tall tub allows for extra dishes, pots, and pans, it's useless if they don't come out clean! As I said, some customers claimed their dishwashers performed well.  But many other customers reported trouble in this area.   Some needed to wash their dishes before running a cycle or they would come out dirty.

Another problem was the silverware rack. It is considered too small, and low. One customer reported utensils falling out mid-cycle. It just doesn't have enough room.

Another drawback is the defective units customers are reporting. A broken latch, a hole in the water drum, and a defective water pump were among the complaints I found. Worst of all, these customers seemed to have a hard time getting either a replacement, or a fix.

For some people this was a good buy. It’s certainly in the cheap dishwasher category so is still worth considering if your budget is really tight. There were a lot of completely positive reviews, claiming their dishes came out perfect each time. So you could be one of the lucky ones!

For others, this dishwasher was a disaster.  So it seems there might be a quality control issue with some units?   Instead of taking a chance, you may want to spend a little bit extra and buy a different model.  Or take a look at other dishwasher appliances within this price category.

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 Date of Review by Dishwasher-Review.com Team – April 2013.

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