Whirlpool DP1040XTXB Portable Dishwasher 6 inch Console

Versatility and maximized space is what the Whirlpool DP1040XTXB promises. This portable dishwasher with Eco Cycle features can accommodate tall and odd-shaped dishes and deliver great wash performance at lesser time. Whirlpool's DP1040XTXB comes in a sophisticated black color. It is Energy Star-qualified, which means that by using the product, you reduce energy consumption by at least 25%. In addition, it is also equipped with the 4-level Sheer Clean Direct Feed Wash System for superb cleaning results.

Key features

- Its 4-level Sheer Clean System allows cleaning from four different angles. This is because wash water is channeled up and out from the top and back. That?s why the water remains clean and so are your dishes.
- It features the very efficient eco-friendly cycle. This means that DP1040XTXB runs while utilizing the least amount of energy as possible.
- There are 5 automatic cycles ? Pots & Pans, Normal, Heavy, Rinse Only, and Plate Warmer ? for your diverse needs.
- The dishwasher is a tall tub so you are assured of super capacity. It is also equipped with the Large In-the-Rack Silverware Basket and it can accommodate 12 place settings.
- It features the Quiet Partner I Sound Package, making sure that the machine will run without the disturbing noise.


Whirlpool's DP1040XTXB helps you save space, time, and money. Even if you don?t have a spare cabinet space, as a portable dishwasher, DP1040XTXB does the trick. Because of its large capacity, you save time and are able to clean everything in one wash. An additional 3 inches of interior gives more room for more dishes. The Whirlpool DP1040XTXB gives the right value for your money. It is very efficient, with its Eco Cycle feature and Energy Star qualification. Aside from its great features, this Whirlpool dishwasher model also comes with a warranty.

Consumers also like its stylish look. On the inside, it looks clean with its standard tub design and vinyl racks. There are also four stainless steel wash arms. Truly, the Whirlpool DP1040XTXB is visually appealing and very functional, making it really a good buy.


Despite a number of advantages, DP1040XTXB also has some limitations. Unlike other Whirlpool dishwasher models and other brand counterparts, it doesn?t have a hard food disposer. Placing of items is not that flexible because the upper racks are not adjustable. While it has a water heating system, the machine doesn?t have water filtration. You also need to be extra cautious if you have children around the house because this dishwasher doesn?t have a child lock.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- space-saver
- has high temperature wash option
- energy-efficient
- easy to use with touchpad control
- has rinse aid dispenser
- stylish
- cleans well with 4-level Sheer Clean System
- cleans pots and pans thoroughly by adding extra time to wash cycle
- eco-friendly
- runs quietly
- thoroughly dries dishes with heated dry option


- no hard food disposer
- non-adjustable upper racks
- no child lock
- no water filtration
- no quick wash setting
- interior is non-stainless steel

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