Whirlpool DP940PWSQ

I have the Whirlpool DP940PWSQ, and I'm not entirely happy with it. It does clean the dishes well, and I like the size of it. But there are just some things that I think a portable dishwasher should do, and it struggles to do them.

For instance, the dishwasher is not as portable as you might think. The wheels scratch my tile floor and its makes a horrible screeching noise. When my husband looked at them, he saw that they were practically square! Might I add that this was on the 2nd day of use.

Also the latch to open the door gets stuck 3 out of 4 times and I have to have my husband pull it open for me. It literally gets stuck, sometimes he has to pull out the tools to pry it open.

When we called about our problems they said that these were all problems with improper use. I'd like to know how moving my portable dishwasher to the sink and opening the door to load the dishes is improper.

I cannot complain about the way it cleans my dishes or how quickly it does so. I also love the dish racks. They are big enough for a normal family, Not so tiny that I have to run it 200 times a day just to get the dishes from breakfast done. :)

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