Whirlpool DU1015XTXS Stainless Steel ENERGY STAR Qualified Tall Tub Dishwasher

The Whirlpool DU10155XTXS dishwasher is an Energy Star-qualified dishwasher that lets you maximize every wash with its large 24-inch tall tub. It is equipped with the Large In-the-Rack Silverware Basket. It comes in an elegant stainless steel finish with vinyl racks and white plastic interior for that clean and sturdy feel. This dishwasher also makes use of the 4-Level SheerClean Direct Feed Wash System, with hard food disposer for optimum cleaning performance.

Key features

- It is Energy Star-qualified, which means that it meets the energy efficiency guidelines.
- The dishwasher lets you delay washing for up to four hours with its 4-hour delay wash option. This allows you to wash your dishes according to your preferred schedule.
- Its tall tub feature provides three extra inches of loading capacity. This means that you can maximize wash space and clean basically all kinds of dishes including tall and irregularly-shaped ones.
- Whirlpool’s DU10155XTXS has a variety of washing options to suit all your dishwashing needs. It has Pots & Pans Cycle, High Temperature Wash Option, and Heated Dry Option.
- It has normal one hour wash with 3 cycles.
- It runs on 62 dBA because of its Quiet Partner I Sound Reduction System, which means less noise and more convenience.
- It comes with a one-year limited warranty so Whirlpool will pay for replacement parts. The warranty also entitles repair or labor for any defects in material so you never have to worry about parts and services.


The Whirlpool DU10155XTXS meets your primary cleaning concerns and does all the work for you. You never need to pre-wash or pre-rinse your dishes anymore. With the SheerClean Wash System, cleaning quality is assured. Since it has a four-hour delay wash option, you can schedule your wash, which gives you more flexibility and convenience.

Aside from being an effective dishwasher, it is also very efficient to use. Its large loading capacity allows more room for all your dishes. DU10155XTXS has the capacity to clean 12 five-piece place settings. The in-rack silverware basket is specially designed for superior capacity. It definitely saves you time and energy because it is Energy Star-qualified with 300 kWh per year EnerGuide rating. It also runs very quietly that you can’t even tell if it is running so you will never get bothered by noise.


Some customers still complain about this dishwasher’s cleaning capacity when it comes to greasy plastic containers and Tupperwares. Apparently, it is still hard to clean dishes made from plastic materials and you would still have to place them apart from the rest of the dishes in the rack to get satisfying results.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- maximized washing space because of large loading capacity
- energy-efficient
- easy to manage and set up
- with one-year warranty
- stylish and sophisticated
- functional racks that fit any dishes
- runs very quietly
- uses SheerClean Wash System with hard food disposer
- has pots and pans cycle
- has high temperature wash option and heated dry option


- hard to clean greasy plastic containers
- still need to separate plastic dishes from others

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