Whirlpool DU8000X

by Christine
(kennesaw, ga, US)

Our dishwasher is an ok model. On the up side, It cleans well, and has never leaked. It also is fairly spacious and has the removable silverware tray which adds a good bit of flexibility. On the down side, it is rather loud and takes a good hour to complete the cycle.

My major concern is that I am also unsure of the quality of the rinse cycle. Sometimes there is a slight aftertaste of detergent left on the glasses. It is not visible at all, things generally appear totally clean, but if you are just drinking water from a glass, you’ll be able to smell and just barely taste that detergent type odor.

I have found that although spacious, it does take some practice to determine the best way to load the washer to fit the things I’m trying to fit. This has become increasingly important considering Georgia’s drought conditions and our heightened environmental concerns. My husband and I are trying to find more and more ways to conserve, thus running fewer, but fuller cycles with this dish washer.

If I were to go out and buy a dishwasher today, I’d pick something with energy star that was more efficient and economical. Compared to the typical generic apartment dishwasher, this one is a definite improvement. If you are on a budget and seeking a dependable washer that will do the job consistently, this may be a good choice for you. I however, would look for something with a better final rinse. I do appreciate the whirlpool brand and might just choose a newer updated model.

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