Whirlpool DU811SWKQ0

by CrystalD

When I purchased my condo, it came with a built-in Whirlpool dishwasher. My guess would be that the dishwasher is not between four and five years old.

I don’t know what its performance ability was when brand new, but I have used it for the last two years now. I find that the machine is very loud and therefore it’s hard for me to make phone calls with it working in the background.

I find the cycle to be rather long, but maybe I feel that way because it is noticeably loud. I have also noticed that on many occasions it has missed pieces of food and I need to wash the items by hand or put them on for another cycle.

Because I live in California and we are now experiencing a drought, I know that in my next house I will look for a more effective dishwasher where everything will get clean from the first time, is quiet, and perhaps even energy efficient.

I would be very interested to research consumer reviews for a dishwasher that met my criteria and left people pleased with their product while still having a family-friendly price tag.

I hope there is a dishwasher out there like that for my family.

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Aug 07, 2009
Got slime?
by: Anonymous

My Whirlpool Quiet Partner II had the same problems as the young lady's above. It would leave slime and food on the dishes. Finally, I did some research on what the problem was. I actually took apart my dishwasher and checked the food cutting and filter parts. Those were good. Then I checked the motor and it's bad. The dishwasher was bought by me and installed less than two years ago! We wash around twice a week minimum. Now, I've got to buy a new motor! WTF! Well $150 is better than spending whatever a new washer is nowadays.

Feb 11, 2009
Worst dishwasher ever
by: Kristina Brown

Washing Quality
This dishwasher is one of the worst I have ever had. Every dish that I stick in the dishwasher is left with a slimy and disgusting film coating them. I have tried to pre rinse my dishes before starting the cycle but my attempts of getting my dishes clean have been unsuccessful. I have switched dish washing liquids to see if the problem was in the detergents I was using. That was also not the problem. I make sure to remove all food from the dishes before placing them into the dishwasher to eliminate the stuck on food but it never seems to work. I have had many problems with my glassware being left with water spots on them.

Not even the most expensive brands will give them the shine. Some of my plastic dishes that have been washed in the dishwasher have come out in worst shape than they went in. The dishwasher has actually allowed the food to be baked into the plastic dishes. Not even washing them by hand afterwards will remove the damage.

The noise for this dishwasher is the loudest I have ever heard one be. I can't turn the tv up louder than the dishwasher. It can be heard in all rooms of my house. I make sure to start the dishes when I am leaving the house or when there is not a need for the house to be quiet. Otherwise the sound of the dishwasher will drown out any noise within my home.

I would not say that the dishwasher is reliable. I never know from one wash to the next if I am going to have to spend another hour cleaning my freshly washed dishes. Sometimes my dishwasher pre rinses when it wants to and then other times it ignores the fact that I pushed the button to have it pre wash my dishes.

The Drying:
My dishes are never actually dry. Not even close to it. I am not sure that the dry button really works or if it was just put there to add design.

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