Whirlpool DU850SWPS 24-in. Under Counter Dishwasher

With Whirlpool's DU850SWPS, you get a built-in (under counter) dishwasher unit that is Energy Star-compliant. During every wash, it effectively cleans large loads with its high temperature boost option and its pots & pans cycle.

The monochromatic stainless steel finish provides a sleek and modern look that will suit all types of kitchen. Like other Whirlpool dishwashing units, it comes with a 1-year warranty for parts and labor so your purchase is definitely worry-free.

Key features

- The unit is equipped with the Durawash Tower Feed System with quiet wash mode so you never have to worry about annoying noise while the machine runs.
- The unit has completely different models that come in white, biscuit (creamy white), and black--colors to choose from.
- Its large “in-the-rack” silverware basket can accommodate an entire collection of silverware
- The interior tub is made of white plastic with vinyl dish racks
- Energy Star-compliant, it consumes at least 25% less energy than other conventional dishwashing units.
- It has a special high temperature boost option.


Since the models come in different color options, you can choose which model suits your kitchen perfectly. Whirlpool's DU850SWPS can accommodate 10 place settings. Along with its large silverware basket, you can truly maximize every washing space with this unit. It is energy-efficient, which makes it a very valuable choice.

DU850SWPS has 4 wash cycles and 3 different options. The pots & pans cycle enables cleaning large loads every time. There are also the heated dry and high temperature options. Moreover, you can run the machine according to your schedule because you can delay the wash to one, two, or three hours. The unit also features water filtration and a water heating system.


There are some disadvantages posted by consumers. Because it is very basic, it doesn’t have the other extra features of its more expensive counterparts. The Whirlpool DU850SWPS doesn’t have an electronic display. You might need to watch your kids because the unit is not equipped with a child lock. There are also some limitations because the upper racks are not adjustable.

DU850SWPS is not as quiet as the others, though the sound level is acceptable. In addition, some consumer say that it doesn’t clean well enough that you still need to pre-wash everything. Some have also commented on its bad layout. There are also some who say that it is hard to load large items in the bottom shelf.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Energy Star-compliant (helps you cut back on the electric bill)
- comes with different color options for wider selection range
- can accommodate silverware because of its large in-the-rack silverware basket
- has special high temperature boost option
- clean look with white plastic interior and vinyl rack finish
- comes with a 1-year warranty


- without adjustable rack height
- without food disposer
- no quick wash setting
- no child lock
- not as quiet as the others
- still need pre-wash

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Jun 29, 2011
worst dishwasher I have ever owned
by: Anonymous

Since Sept. 2010 when this dishwasher was installed we have had to had to replace the dial in January 2011.
In April 2011 the replacement dial broke and the soap dispenser did not open. I have been awaiting replacement parts for 2 months.
Do not buy this dishwasher.
Whirlpool offers poor customer service and if you are in Canada do not order parts through Trans Global. Also poor customer service.

Mar 08, 2011
Good performance for the money.
by: Anonymous

- It gets things cleaner
- It is not very expensive

- The operation is rather noisy
- It does not have some of the features you might find on a higher end machine

I have had this washer for about three months now, and overall I would recommend it. It is great because it gets things cleaner than other washers I have used in the past, and it is not very expensive.

Adversely, the operation is rather noisy, and it does not have some of the features you might find on a higher end machine. But overall, for the price, it works very well, and I would certainly advise you to check it out, if you are in the market for a dishwasher. I have the black model, and it looks pretty nice in my kitchen!

It is still pretty new, but it has never leaked, or had any issues. If it were just a little bit more quiet, I would like it even more, but as it stands, I would probably purchase it again.

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