Whirlpool GU1108XTLBO Dishwasher

I have owned this dishwasher for about 5 years and it was more than adequate and I washed everything from pots and pans to tall glasses. It has many nice features like the pot scrubber option, sanitize, china/crystal, high scour, etc.

I purchased it mainly because it was a Whirlpool and I felt it was a superior brand name from the rest. I felt I was purchasing a dishwasher that when people visited me, if they happened to notice my dishwasher they would say "Oh! She has a Whirlpool!" and I would be proud.

Well for the last year I have been washing the daily dishes by hand!

After 3 years I started to notice that the dishes were not as clean; the detergent compartment still contained some detergent after the complete cycle was done. Utensils were not clean and white soap spots still remained on the bottom of the inside of our plastic cups. So I had the line cleaned out and the unit serviced which I had to pay for because the warranty had expired.

I still wasn't satisfied with the result even though for normal dishes I was using the highest level of "clean" and using less detergent! After running the dishwasher I would then rewash everything and reload it and run a rinse cycle. But then I realized that was a waste of time, so I gave up! I wash my dishes and use the dishwasher as a really bid drying rack!

Now we only put clean dishes in the unit! It is really quite amusing that I think my friends will now comment that I have a Whirlpool drying rack that's a built-in unit! When it was working properly I liked the on the door utensil rack so there's more room for larger plates or bowls. It is very easy to select the cycle you want and I didn't have to read the instruction manual, which I am not a huge fan of doing! If I have to read how to operate a general household item then I won't buy it because it's too complicated.

I am a firm believer that the more features a machine has the more that can go wrong with it! Simpler the better! The exterior is all black and matches my other appliances with the exception that the other ones work!

I do plan on replacing it eventually but I have found doing the dishes with my IPod cranked is really quite a nice and stress relieving hour in my day! No wonder why my mom used to hum when doing housework!

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