Whirlpool GU2475XTVY gold Built-In Dishwasher Stainless Steel

The Whirlpool GU2475XTVY makes sure that you don't have to keep on scrubbing just to remove stubborn stains and grimes stuck on your plates, pots, and other kitchenware. Thanks to the PowerScour option, you have 36 jets to help you lift baked-on foods without having to soak or scrub your dishes. The intense water spray that covers different directions does the trick.

From your precious china to casserole dishes and sensitive glassware, you're sure to have clean wash water running through your soiled dishes with the SheerClean Direct Feed Wash System. Intelligent sensors, stylish, practical design, energy efficiency, tough cleaning performance, and multiple options designed for your convenience all make this dishwasher model a worthy addition to your list of dishwasher models to consider.

Key features

- It Energy Star seal means that you do not only save a great deal on energy and water usage but you also have an eco-friendly option with you. This also translates to savings on your utility bills.
- The PowerScour Option makes use of 36 jets that help remove baked-on foods and other residue without the need to soak or scrub harder.
- Its fully integrated electronic controls add to the modern, sophisticated look of this dishwasher and gives the unit a clutter-free feel, since controls are hidden through the door panel.
- The SheerClean Direct Feed Wash System ensures cleaning from five different angles, while keeping the wash water clean to rinse dishes and keep them squeaky clean.
- The Quiet Partner IV System makes sure that the machine will work quietly in the background, without the unnecessary noise to bother you.
- The unit has multiple options for the wash cycle, so you can customize the wash according to your dishwashing needs.
- The NSF-certified Sani Rinse Option helps remove more than 99% of bacteria and germs.
- The unit delivers powerful performamce through its sensors. The Adaptive Wash Cycle makes use of dual sensors to choose the proper cycle and duration based on the load requirements, thereby saving water and time. The Auto Soil Sensor makes the necessary adjustments to make sure that soil and grime will be effectively removed.
- You can fit in irregularly shaped and tall items into the rack, thanks to its super capacity tub design.
- The unit comes with an adjustable upper rack, control lock, cup shelf, and 4-hour delay wash. Other useful features include the heated dry option, fold-down tines, and rinse only cycle.


What consumers love about this dishwasher is that its fairly easy to load and unload dishes. The rack gives enough room for other utensils and silverware, maximizing the use of the dishwasher with multiple piles of soiled dishes in one wash. The child lock is also a neat feature that's not found in other dishwashers. The unit seems to have every feature you need for squeaky clean pots, pans, and silverware.

Unlike other dishwashing units, it delivers well to its promise of powerful cleaning performance without the need to scrub or soak, thanks to its tartgeted jets. It has all the features you need all packed in a very sleek, clean design with easy to use controls.


The washing may take a while. This seems to be the common complaint among consumers. There are some adjustments you can do on the setting to save more time, though. Another disadvantage is that it doesn't work as quietly as expected. You also need to use the rinse-aid option to make sure that the dishes will come out dry. Some may also find it pricey, especially those who are looking for the basic dishwasher that can handle the job.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- stylish, modern design
- easy to load and unload dishes
- easy to use controls
- saves on energy, eco-friendly
- powerful cleaning performance
- has convenient features for varied dishwashing needs


- long cycle
- may be expensive for some
- not as quiet as expected

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Jan 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

Builder grade GE dishwasher quit after 11 years. Thought this one with all the "extras" looked like a wonderful replacement. Wrong. Dishes come out with food caked on them (both racks); spots and water all over glasses and items on top shelf and silverware does not come out clean at all! Will be calling for return today. Love the look, just not the poor performance. Disappointing appliance for the price paid. Will probably return to a GE product.

Jan 04, 2013
Poor performance
by: Anonymous

Excited to get this new dishwasher, but after 2 weeks the same problems keep happening: dishes come out dirty with food caked on or with residue from dishwater dried on them; all items wet with glasses on top having standing water on them even though the high dry cycle was on; silverware has NEVER came out clean (next model I will avoid caddy in door); have had to rewash items by hand. Also extremely long cycle from beginning to end. Very disappointed for price I paid. Will be calling store to schedule return today.

Aug 08, 2011
looks nice
by: Anonymous

Purchased dishwasher 2 weeks ago...leaves food on utensils and black marks on dished, glasses and silverwear. And now the Heated Dry is not working. Everything completly wet (and not too clean-see above) So right now I have to wash by hand until the dishwasher guy comes.(under warranty at Best Buy). Lets hope it is a quick fix. Hate to go thru the hassle of a return.

Jan 22, 2011
poor performance
by: Anonymous

my first two loads have been very disappointing. Dishes are not clean, i had bits of food stuck in the washed dishe and white residue on the water glasses. Considering the dishes were quite cleanly scraped off and the food residue was totally minimal, the performance has been very poor. It failed to wash a pot cleanly, after which I simply wiped it clean with a cloth. i will be returning it.

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