Whirlpool GU3100XTVQ Dishwasher

by Floyatta Buckner

I just purchased this dishwasher two months ago and I am very disappointed with it.the dishwasher is very small inside and I can't even wash a pot or pan in it .the inside is so short I can't put my spatula or anything very tall in the utinsil basket. I have to lay all of the taller ones down.It doesn't clean the glasses very well or the silverware.I have always bought whirlpool and this is the first time I have been disappointed with your products.The worst part is paying 547.00 for it.The glasses won't hardly sit down in it without falling over.

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Apr 18, 2012
Duh, just take out the speaker!
by: Anonymous

You, Sir, are a rockstar! I was ready to kill the dishwasher and now, 5 minutes later, it's silent (well, not when running, but that's a different problem). Thank you!

Feb 22, 2012
Beeping solution
by: Rusty

Here is the solution to the beeping. Make sure you disconnect the dishwasher power (Whirlpool model GU3100XTVQ) at the breaker before attempting any of this. Read the whole thing, & if you are not confident enough to try this fix, get a friend to help. I am posting this to hopefully relieve someone else of the very annoying beeping that was driving me and my dog nuts, since it makes the same noise as the invisible fence that he doesn’t like.

Position a stool beside the dishwasher, or something equal in height to use as a work surface. Make sure the electrical breaker is off. Open the dishwasher door and remove the six screws that are directly behind the control panel. Don’t let the screws fall inside the dishwasher. Carefully set the screws aside as you will be coming across two different sizes.

The control panel of the dishwasher should then be lifted out of position from the face of the door, then while holding the panel close the door a little and rest the control panel on the stool. Remove the two screws from the black shield that is covering the circuit board, in one corner of the circuit board you will see a small black cylinder with a hole in the center of it. That is the buzzer that makes the incessant beep.

Take a small pliers and very gently take hold of the black cylinder, you are now holding the cap of the buzzer. Gently wiggle & pull the cap until it comes off the base. Take a pencil and push out the gold foil piece that is inside the cap. Gently reposition the cylinder cap to where it was on the circuit board; ensure that it clicks into place. Again, be gentle since you don’t want to crack the circuit board.

Replace the black outer shield and the two screws. Seat the control panel back into position on the door and replace the screws. Close and open the door to see that it latches properly, check for spare screws lying around (you should have none).

Turn on the breaker, press a button on the dishwasher and enjoy the silence. It took me about 15 minutes to do this.

Feb 07, 2012
Annoying Beep can't be turned off
by: Jolie

I just got this dishwasher installed today and already it's annoying me with a REALLY, TRULY, STUPID beep that sounds about a minute apart ANY time the door is open. I drove me nuts while I was rinsing and loading dishes into it. I guess leaving the door open for additional air drying time is out of the question unless I'm not home. Who came up with that idiotic idea?!? I'm wishing I could return it!

Aug 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

I paid $547.00 for this dishwasher.I thought it was a lot of money.I bought it locally here in Stilwell Oklahoma at Means Furniture store.These people will not even discuss a return once you have used it.I was told by the manager that it was almost worthless after it went out the door.
I was really upset to think that I would be stuck with this dishwasher.The glasses won't set up and sometimes break so,therefore you must wait til you get enough dishes to surround the glasses to hold them up before you load them.It beeps all the time.My husband and I were looking for this beep when we finally discovered it was coming from the dishwasher.Whirlpool obviously does not care as long as it sells their product.I have always bought whirlpool products but no more.

Mar 15, 2011
Beeping will drive you crazy
by: Anonymous

This was one of the most highly rated dishwashers that would fit my space, but the beeping is insane. The Whirlpool manual doesn't mention that it beeps on open, close and every 60 seconds while it it open. It will drive you crazy while you are loading dishes or air-drying the dishes. I called Whirlpool and they didn't know anything about it - told me to call a technician for a $130 visit. Since it isn't mentioned anywhere in their manuals, I think they ordered some model from a factory in China that came with the beeping, unbeknownst to Whirlpool. There is no way this is a positive customer feature. My advice - find some other model.

Feb 22, 2011
Dissapointed with several aspects
by: linda

We were disappointed with several aspects of this dishwasher. First of all, it doesn't clean very well. I rinse and pre clean dirty dishes more than I did with our previous dishwasher but still a few pieces are dirty at the end of the cycle. I've tried different ways of stacking the dishwasher but so far I can't depend on every piece being clean. Second, the incessant beeping drives us nuts. I wish we could disconnect the beeper. It beeps when you open it, close it, leave it open to load, and beeps about 12 times when it is finished. Third, this dishwasher is not as quiet as we were told. It makes funny noises and is louder than the old dishwasher which was about 12 years old. Forth, the tines on the top rack are so short that it will not hold up the glasses and when we open or close the door, glasses fall and sometimes break. And finally, it is much smaller inside and holds less than our previous dishwasher. I would have choosen to replace with the same brand that we had previously but the model is no longer made.If I could have tried this dishwasher before buying, I would not have bought it.

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