Whirlpool GU3100XTVS Built-In Super Capacity Tall Tub Dishwasher

Whirlpool's GU3100XTVS is a dishwasher that has great features to help you and your family with dishwashing duties. Designed to be built-in, GU3100XTVS fits right under your kitchen countertop to provide easy access. If you're looking for a new dishwasher, then the Whirlpool GOLD Series GU3100XTVS may be the perfect choice.

Key features

- This dishwasher is ENERGY STAR qualified, which means that it does a good job at conserving energy and water, causing less stress on natural resources and helping you save on your electric and water bills.
- The design of GU3100XTVS complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act standards for accessible design. The dishwasher has an adjustable height, between 32 1/2" to 34 1/2", to make it easier to configure for use by anyone.
- GU3100XTVS has a wonderful design that is durable, stylish, and practical. The stainless steel interior of the machine gives it a sleek and smooth texture, while delivering durable performance. The racks in the dishwasher are coated with nylon, which helps prevent scratching on your dishes, while providing extra resistance against rust. Another great design element of GU3100XTVS is the cup shelves that allow you to secure glassware, coffee mugs, and even stemware in a two-level configuration.
- When it comes to functionality, Whirlpool's GU3100XTVS has loads of cycles for you to choose from. The normal cycle is good for every day use on dishes with regular amounts of food soil. The light cycle is gentler, making it perfect for dishes that aren't heavily soiled or delicate glassware. The heavy cycle is perfect for times when your dishes need a really good cleaning. The pots & pans cycle extends the wash cycle for a more thorough cleaning of your cookware.
- Some of the other great features that you'll find on GU3100XTVS include a high temperature wash option for better sanitation, a 2-4-6 hour delay wash function to keep up with your schedule, and a control lock to prevent accidental stopping or starting of the dishwasher.


The biggest advantage of the Whirlpool GU3100XTVS is probably its overall design. This dishwasher has some great design features that make it practical, functional, and stylish to boot. Furthermore, the ADA compliance of the design makes it a good choice for anyone needing such design features.

The dishwasher also works well. It does what it's supposed to do and that's more than what can be said about some of the other dishwashers in the market. With its various wash cycles and options, it has just about everything you need from a dishwasher.


One of the flaws of GU3100XTVS is that it doesn't come with a connection hose. One would expect that after buying such a hefty piece of equipment, it would at least come with all of the parts that you need to get it installed and usable in no time. Another disadvantage that some consumers have mentioned is that the operation noise can get a bit loud, but this can be remedied by setting the dishwasher timer to run the cycle at times when you wouldn't mind a little noise in the kitchen.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- looks good
- works well
- ENERGY STAR- and ADA-compliant
- stainless steel interior


- can be noisy during operation
- doesn't come with a connection hose

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Oct 05, 2013
Don't buy!
by: Anonymous

I can't even begin to describe how much I hate this dishwasher. It's not full-sized, it beeps when you open it, when you close it and the entire time it's open when loading/unloading.

Sometimes it drains, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it leaks. The silverware holder is supposed to click together, but it never stays, so falls apart.

To add to this NEVER purchase anything from Pioneer Flooring in Helena, MT. They sell appliances, but obviously have no idea what they're doing.

May 29, 2011
Never buy Whirlpool
by: Anonymous

Never buy Whirlpool. Customer service and their repairs are very bad. Here is the story:

Replaced the electronic panel twice within 2 years. The 2nd time Whirlpool's service provider in Victoria BC that is Derek Appliances also replaced the heating element that took more than a week. In 3 days the dishwasher stopped working again because Derek's technician didn't connect the wires right. Had to wait another 4 days for him to fix his own mess.

In a month the dishwasher broke again. I contacted Whirlpool and they referred to Derek's Appliance Services again. I contacted them and dispatch told me that it was their practice to use refurbished electronic panels for repairs and they were out of them so they would be able to repair the dishwasher only in TWO WEEKS! After that I called Whirlpool again. The first rep connected me to Derek's without even warning instead of talking to me. After I called again, the 2nd rap kept me on hold more than for half an hour probably hoping I would hang up. When she realized I wouldn't she started saying nonsense about doing "intensive and massive research" and about "calling me back directly". I know that nobody will call me directly and Whirlpool is probably very well aware of their service people using old broken electronic panels in their repairs although they say they don't.

I payed $360 a month ago. Out of that month I was washing dishes by hand for at least 10 days while waiting for the service. Now I have to wait for another 2 weeks. It looks like Whirlpool and their services are more like a bunch of con artists. Never buy their appliances so you wouldn't have to deal with their service.

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