Whirlpool Kitchenaid Dishwasher Black KUDK03ITBL

I decided to buy one dishwasher which should be suitable for my lifestyle,budget and spaces.

I wanted to buy one dishwasher machine which is not occupied more space since my house doesn't have any special room to keep my dishwasher machine.

So I decided to buy fully automated (dishwasher and dryer combined).

Since my family is large (6 people), I decided to buy large one.

Also the machine should be very fast and should consume low energy and water.And very importantly, it should not be noicy.

After long search, I decided to go for Whirlpool Kitchenaid Dishwasher Black#KUDK03ITBL.I was choosing this machine only after I satisfied with the above points.

I bought a whirlpool dishwasher machine before 1 year back in walmart,Scranton.I am more satisfied with my dishwasher machine since it was more reliable and flexible.

We can wash all kind of vessels,tumbler,plates and including small spoons and so many things.Since this is fully automated, the dryer start after the wash.

So we don't need to look after the dishwasher machine after the machine start.

The whirlpool is also worth for more and hard usage. We are totally six people at our home. So we are using this machine at least 3 times per day with more cloths.

Also it consume low electric and its leads to get low electric bill.

Also I am satisfied with the whirlpool customer service. Last year I had a problem in the machine.
Unfortunately, it was not at all started. But it was resolved by single phone call.

I already recommended this to all of my friends and colleagues.Of course, I will recommend this to many people.

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