Zanussi ZDF131

by A. Racha Prasavi
(Kavali, India)

Bought our Zanussi ZDF131 online, through a local household appliance shop with a web-site. We had compared prices in quite a few places, and came to that the online price was the best.

What we like the most about it, was the similar up and down racks inside. Our old dishwasher was glasses on top, and plates below. Some times, we would fill up one part, and leave the other part almost empty. This one does not have that issue. For cosmetic looks, they all look about the same, it was not of any importance to us, but, we think the white look finish was good, and it still keeps the colors.

Compared to our old dishwasher, the Zanussi consumes a bit more power. We expected it to consume less, since it has an "A" rating. Our old machine did not have any rating (it was bought before rating system was created), so we were surprised that it took more power. One benefit of it though, is that it is very silent. We had been expecting a more silent dishwasher, but were surprised that it came that silent. Water consumption we did not notice any big difference.

For its cleaning features (that's what it is all about right!), the machine makes a very clean output. Compared to our old machine, the Zanussi will more often deliver clean plates after leaving plates one more day in the machine without washing. The layout of the racks also makes it hard to make plates touch each other, which is a huge benefit to clean plates.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the machine. It is reliable and does a good job. Only minus is the power-consumption which we think is too high.

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