Zanussi ZSF 6161

by Squibs

I bought this from Flor Griffins Electrical in Cork, Ireland approximately 12 months ago. It was my first dishwasher, and it has made my life easier. I guess you could say it has become the most used cupboard in the house!

I like the internal arrangement of the baskets, which is quite flexible and allows me to fit quit a lot in, regardless of the makeup of the wash. I do have to be careful not to overload it, as it tends to leave some food behind if it has to work too hard. The automatic setting allows me to set and forget, as it magically adjusts the wash time demending on the dish load.

Everything is pretty accessible in the machine and loading wash tablets, rinse aid and salt is very easy.

The machine tends to be quite thirsty for rinse aid, but gives a good finish on glassware and dirty saucepans alike. It has been completely reliable so far.

The only hiccup was when I overloaded it so that one of the rotor armes couldnt revolve properly and the wash didn't go through right. I would definitely have another Zanussi.

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Aug 31, 2009
Zanussi not so good
by: Anonymous

I bought a Zanussi 6161 as well a couple of months ago but am very unhappy with it - had a bosch before and it was much better - I find it often doesn't clean the dishes properly the way the spikes on the bottom of the tray keep collapsing is v annoying and doesn't hold as much on top tray as last machine cause of the loopy bits meant for glasses and the trays on top left and right are too close to top so hold only minimum amount.

Sorry for ranting but came across this blog as searching net to find out how to clean spray arms to see if this will give better result - v frustrating!

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